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Angel relaxations

Connect with your Angels, ask for Guidance and at the same time enjoy some beautiful relaxing meditations.

Meet Your Angel and ask its NAME

Take a beautiful, peaceful journey to meet your Angel, ask its NAME and listen to the gentle wisdom and guidance that he/she might have for you.

Ask anything you wish and you may be surprised at the insightful and creative ideas that you receive.

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meet your angel and ask name

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Meet Your Angel and ask about MONEY

Go on a beautiful, peaceful journey to meet your Angel to ask about a money situation that you may have in your life currently. You might meet your own Angel or you may find that you meet an Angel who has the specific job of helping with money issues.

Ask your questions and allow the gentle guidance of your Angels to help you with your challenges. You probably won't come out of your relaxation and find a bag of money in your lap (Please let me know if you do) but you may have creative answers and solutions to help you to handle your situation.

Only USD $11.99

meet your angel money

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