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What is your Natural State of BEING?

Natural State of BEING is Love, Joy, Peace and Abundance.

Anything else comes from learned experiences.  As a child you were given the beliefs and judgments of those around you, such as family, church group, school and society in general.  As they grow up, many people take on those beliefs and judgements and run with that same programming.

However this is not who you are at your Core!

Over time, there have been many programmes to help people to discover who they truly are. From my experience many of those have come from the basis that you are broken and need to be fixed. This process often involves trying to remove “bad habits” or “Limiting Beliefs” so that they can be replaced with something “more empowering.”

In my view, that is completely wrong.

Do you ever wakeup in the morning, look in the mirror and not recognize the face looking back? Do you like what you see if not then you’re not in your Natural State of Being?


So really, who are you?

 At your core is a Magnificent, Infinite BEING that is longing to shine its amazing light out into the world.  That Infinite Spirit knows it is a part of the Oneness of the Universe and has a real desire to flow along with wonderful river of life.


SHINING from the Inside Out

You were born a, beautiful, magnificent being of pure potential. That is inside you. It is who you are. You are not broken and you don’t need to be fixed.

What is needed is to clear away the layers of rubbish and debris that have built up over this magnificence, so that the True Core You – that has always been inside you- can come bursting out and SHINE in the world.

This has been part of my own personal journey of discovery over the last few months.


BEING a Competition Winner

We are all energy.  Everything and everyone has an energetic vibration, including people, cars and money.  I had noticed that when I was in a “high-energy, high-vibration, genuinely good-feeling place” that things seemed to work out better for me.  My powers of manifesting seemed to be greatly enhanced.

I wondered whether I could raise my energy enough to BE in alignment with winning competitions and prizes.  This has been a hobby of mine for some time, although it had frequently come from the mindset of “ I am only entering competitions to WIN stuff because I can’t afford to go out and buy it.”  This is not the best approach to winning prizes because it is a LACK sense of BEING.

I changed this approach to an attitude that “Prizes are a great way for the Universe to give me the things I would like to have for free!”

We had won a few minor prizes, but not really as many as I would have expected, given the number of competitions I was entering.

Once when I was playing with this idea of high-energy and Pure BEING, with no concerns about the outside world and spotted a competition for an Ipad.  I entered it and WON!

This was what really started the journey into BEING.


Neville Goddard – At Your Command

This led me to the work of Neville Goddard, who was an amazing man. He has one of the best explanations of the subject of BEING in Alignment with the things you desire that I have ever come across.  His methods worked and in the 1940s he was teaching people how to get fabulous results by ASSUMING the FEELING of the Wish fulfilled and by BEING your desires.


My Experiences with this programme

For a long time I was very angry with a lot of people and situations, especially my mortgage company.  I have been fighting with them for over three years over various issues and I have to admit that the “thrill of the fight” and seeing myself as a David taking on a Goliath – and winning- was very appealing. However it is a difficult situation to actually “win” as several thousand pages of correspondence – and no real conclusion – shows.

As far as this matter was concerned I believe I was right and they were wrong! However the only person suffering for that was me. Having accessed more of my True BEING, I have now come to a place of peace with it. I no longer feel the need to fight. We have taken ourselves down a particular path, so there are still actions that need to be taken, however these can now be taken from a BEING of Love, Compassion and Understanding (although a little flippant , light-hearted sarcasm from time to time probably doesn’t hurt!).

I was also holding onto a lot of judgments about myself and others, as well as spending a lot of time embroiled in legal and fighting situations. All this is very draining of energy and not very conducive to living from a high-vibration state of BEING.

As I started working with these resources, all of that started to fall away and I found myself in a much calmer, more peaceful, more resourceful state of BEING.  Life has started to work much better.

I have become far less judgmental of people and situations and feel far more comfortable with allowing my own Greatness to SHINE out into the world. I now place less value on what other people think or say about me and have a far better relationship with myself and with the Universe.

My husband Greg says I am a much better person to be around!

As I have allowed my true BEING to emerge, I have been releasing a lot of negative internal junk that did not serve me and probably was not even mine in the first place.

 For years, I have had a challenge with my weight and nothing I did seemed to release it.  Now that I have allowed by True BEING to shine out, I have grown to like myself, my own self-esteem and self-value has begun to grow.  In only a few months, , I have allowed myself to release over 24lbs in weight, 24" and drop two dress sizes as well as to tone myself up by joining a gym.  My relationship with food has changed in that I now see it as a way of nourishing my beautiful BEING, rather than stuffing down self-loathing!

I feel much better about myself since I have been living from my State of BEING. I feel more lovable and valuable.  Health has improved, personal relationships have improved, my fierce temper has diminished and I am far calmer and more at peace with myself and the world.

When you live from a place of BEING and showing who you TRULY ARE, external limitations and unhelpful beliefs seem to fall away and life becomes much easier.

What amazing BEING is trying to EMERGE from inside you?


Your State of BEING package

I have put together a package of resources for you to help you live from your Natural True Core State of BEING.  These are materials that I have personally been using for several months and have noticed a huge shift in my BEING.

Included in this package are:

  1. Your State of BEING ebook by Amanda Goldston. This gives a deeper understanding of your STATE of BEING, the story of my own journey of discovery with this material, as well as some powerful exercise to connect to your highest state of BEING. I have included some practical examples, so you can see how this has worked – or not - in our own lives.  It gives some practical tips on how to JUST BE and to ALLOW that wonderful state of BEING to shine out. (value $27)
  2. being book cover


  3. A special BEING meditation that I recorded. This is probably one of the most powerful meditations I have ever created. It allows you to really feel yourself as Love, Light, Joy and Wealthy and to really connect with the Infinite BEING that you are. I have been very fortunate in that I have been given permission by James Twyman to use the Music from his Moses Code CD as background music.  A donation from each sale will be made to James Twyman’s Beloved Community and his fantastic work as a Peace Troubadour.
  4. being audio cover

    This music has been designed to resonate to the Name of God and is some of the most powerful music I have ever come across. (The Moses Code is another recommended resource). Both Neville Goddard and James Twyman work with the little understood phrase of “I AM that, I AM.” The meditation incorporates the teachings from both of those great masters and allows you to recognise the God that you are that is within you and to powerfully co-create from the highest place of BEING.

    I love this meditation and I listen to it at least once a day, often more. I have felt so much energy running through my body, that sometimes it has been almost orgasmic. There is a real sense of peace, space, being one with the Universe and BEING an Infinite BEING.

    Within a month of listening to this, something shifted quite dramatically for my husband Greg with a new job with a higher salary than he had before! This was  after a lengthy frustrating period without any work.  (Value $19.99)

  5. Your own personal copy of At Your Command by Neville Goddard as an ebook. This is a hugely powerful short ebook. In its 27 pages there are so many words of wisdom that you will probably want to read it several times over. I know I did. The exercises in I AM and connecting with the Universe and becoming ONE with the DIVINE are really powerful. This book alone has been responsible for dramatic change in the lives of many people around the world. (In my view its priceless)

  6. 2 hours of audio recordings of Amanda Goldston reading At Your Command by Neville Goddard. I found that by listening to it on audio, it really deepened my understanding of BEING even more than just reading it.  (Value $39)

  7. Acceptance Meditation. One of the biggest lessons I have had to learn has been to stop fighting everyone and everything. This powerful meditation allows you to come to a place of peace with people and situations, exactly as they are, without trying to change them. Once you can do that, amazing things can happen. The situation may resolve of its own accord or you suddenly find new inspiration and ways to resolve it. Along with the BEING meditation, I have listened to this one over and over again, especially as I have battled with my Mortgage Company to keep my home. I have ended up with quite an interesting perspective on this whole matter. (Value $19.99)
  8. acceptance audio recording

  9. Prepare Yourself for Success Audio relaxation.  This is another really powerful meditation because it allows you to create your Ideal Day as a visualisation, with you in the picture. You can then step into that person in the picture and experience it from the Inside Out from your highest state of BEING. (Value $19.99)

prepare yoruslef for success


These are all downloadable materials, so you can be using them in a matter of minutes from when we receive your payment.

How much is it?

I had a quite a debate with myself as to what to charge for this package. Having cleared away a lot of issues around Unworthiness and Deserving as I have used these materials, do I charge the true value of this package?

Most of this material has never previously been released to anyone before, so I would also appreciate your feedback and testimonials on how it has worked for you and how it could be improved.

However, I also want to get this out to benefit as many people as possible. The materials have had a huge impact on my life as I have used them, so the actual value – to me at least – has been quite priceless.

I have therefore settled on only $47 USD as an introductory price.  It should be considerably more than that and the price will be raised.

Buy Now - Only $27 USD

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As with all my products, this package comes with a full 90 day unconditional satisfaction guarantee.


We want you to be totally satisfied with your products. If you're not happy with the results from any of my ebooks or audios, just let me know within 90 days and I'll happily refund your money in full. No questions asked.


With abundant blessings.
Amanda Goldston






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