'Relaxation for the Bereaved- Heal the Grief'

Have you lost the person who made your life complete?

Are you so stressed and physically and mentally exhausted that you can't concentrate on the simplest of daily tasks?

Are you crying all the time and feel so much anger, guilt, blame or regret that you can’t sleep?

flower heal the grief bereavement by gregory goldston

Bereavement is never easy, whether it is a close family member, a wonderful friend or a beloved pet.

If you recently have lost someone close to you and are struggling to sleep because you feel so overwhelmed with everything you have to do, and are struggling to make sense of your feelings, then this letter has come at just the right time for you.

When you have lost someone close, life can seem very bleak, dark and bewildering. There is so much to do, and so many people seem to be telling you how to think and feel and think and giving out advice on the best way to go forward with your life. Or people avoid you because they don’t know what to say to you.

It may be a few hours, a few days, a few months or even a few years since you lost that special person or beloved pet and you seem to be OK and then suddenly something reminds you of them and you find yourself welling up with tears.

Just because time has passed, and to all intents and purposes, you seem to be "getting on with your life" does not mean that the pain has gone or the raw grief has lessened in any way.

Have you noticed that people around you don't know what to say to you, so they'll either tell you to "pick yourself up and get over it, life goes on" or they'll change the subject or they'll say something completely insensitive like "well, they reached a good old age, they had a good life".

If people ask you how you are feeling, they often don't really want to know and prefer for you to say something like, "Fine, thanks. I'm OK".

You may have millions of thoughts going round in your head ranging from guilt because of words said in haste to thinking of all the words you wish you’d had the opportunity to say. From blaming yourself or someone else for taking a precious loved one away from you to anger, frustration to feeling of total overwhelm and fear of the future, and find yourself crying uncontrollably.

Maybe you have been so concerned with everyone else that you have not given yourself the time and space to make sense of your feelings and to allow yourself to grieve.

If you are so stressed you can’t sleep and your health, work and life in general is suffering because you can’t concentrate, then there is a solution for you.

It is vitally important to find ways to release these feelings, so that you can begin the healing process and move forward with your new life.


Unforgettable New Year's Eve

I was 4 months pregnant with my second child when my grandad died on New Year’s Eve 1995. We had left his house just two hours before he died.

I cried for days. I really did not know what I was feeling. I could not express it in words.

There were many well meaning people around me who tried to help, or to tell me how to feel or that it would all be alright or to pull myself together and focus on my 2 year old daughter and the child I was expecting.

Although crying helped me to some extent at that time, it was a short term release, but it did not help to heal.

When all I could do was cry uncontrollably, I needed something to help me to relax, to let go of the painful feelings I was experiencing and to help me to focus on moving forward into my new life- without my grandad.

Music helped me find peace, to some extent, when so much around me was making me feel very stressed.

Out of these painful experiences and trying to find something to comfort me without judging me or trying to tell me how to feel, I found there was nothing that really fitted the bill, so I developed this Audio Recording 'Relaxation for the Bereaved-Heal the Grief' to help myself and to help others, who wanted to make sense of their own feelings in their own time and space.

My father-in-law conducts numerous funeral services and my uncle is a funeral director, and both have said that there is not a product to help the bereaved to simply get some much needed sleep.

Another Painful New Year's Eve

On the morning of 21st December 2009, I got a phone call from my Mum to tell me that my beloved Nan had died in the early hours of that morning.

Although she had been ill for some time and I had been trying to prepare myself for her passing, that did not ease the pain - or the tears.

It was absolutely no fun at all trying to wrap Christmas presents and get into the "Christmas Spirit" when my heart felt like it was breaking in two and tears were streaming down my face, so much that I could not see to write the names on the tags for the Christmas Presents.

The Rock of My LIfe had just gone to her final resting place!

Her funeral was on New Year's Eve, December 31st, 2009.

This time I had more resources to help me through my grief.

I knew I needed to allow myself to really express my pain and to allow all of the feelings and emotions to come to the surface.

Since my Nan died, I have written pages and pages in my journal about her, our relationship and everything I felt towards her and what she meant to me. Every page is tear-stained and most of it is totally unreadable. That does not matter because it is for my eyes only.

I have also been listening to my recording "Relaxation for the Bereaved- Heal the Grief" and I have found huge comfort in it.

This has been not only from being able to relax and get some rest, but also from being able to communicate with my Nan and feel great comfort from her presence.

I know she is with me and I feel that I have been able to finally say the things I desperately wanted to say to her whilst she was alive and never did.

I wanted to tell her how much I loved her and appreciated her and everything she did for me and somehow it never seemed appropriate to say that to her whilst she was alive.

I feel now that everything has been said and that she can truly rest in peace.

I can think about her and talk about her without getting upset.

I can celebrate her life and the wonderful memories of her.


'Relaxation for the Bereaved- Heal the Grief'

relaxation for the bereaved, heal the grief by gregory goldston

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This Recording is a gentle soothing, healing, relaxation designed to help to you to get some rest and some sleep when you have been bereaved and to give you some space to come to terms with some of the painful emotions you may be feeling.

It helps you to gently release emotions such as anger and regret over things that may have been said or were unsaid, guilt and blame- either of yourself or of someone else, bitterness, frustration, confusion or any other emotions you may be feeling, that perhaps you can’t even put a name to.


This Recording is Completely Unique

It takes you on a beautiful journey, where you can gently release all the unhelpful feelings, even if you don’t really know what they are.

The gentle music and soothing voice gently guides you to a magnificent special healing place, where you can come to terms with your feelings and allow healing to begin to take place.

It is also a place where you can connect with your deceased love one, if you choose to in your own time and space.

Take some time for yourself, let go of all the fears and worries of the unknown or of your new life. Let go of the sense of numbness and shock. Let go of the fears of rushing into inappropriate decisions.

Let go of worrying about what other people will think or say about you. Let go of the feelings of anger, guilt, blame or of overwhelm, inadequacy or inability to cope.

Allow yourself to be pampered in a place, where YOU are the most important person and you can feel and express any feeling or emotion you choose without judgment from anyone else or without fear of upsetting someone

Fill yourself up with all the things that you may need on your journey into your new life, such as love, self acceptance, courage, strength, self confidence and peace.

Or if you want to just sleep and de-stress. Whatever is right for you is perfect.When you awake at the appropriate time, you will feel refreshed, calmer, better able to think more clearly and to concentrate on what you need to do. You will feel more confident to take the next steps that are right for you and much less inclined to make decisions based on the advice of others.

You will feel more confident in your own abilities to cope with everything that needs to be done.


Here are some of things other people have said about this gorgeous audio relaxation

Your CD is working brilliantly for me. Since you sent it, I’ve had a good few nights sleep. It is very good.

I listened to your CD last night and I slept right through the night for the first time in many weeks. I haven’t been able to sleep like that for a very long time.

I am not so jumpy anymore and am more relaxed with the kids.

Lisa Copeland, Luton UK


This is a beautiful CD. It is really soothing and stress-busting. I felt really relaxed and fell asleep while listening to it.

I am sure it will be a great help to people.

V Wyatt, Funeral Director, Essex


"This CD is a soothing balm for the grieving soul.  Deeply relaxing, it is transformational and you emerge from it feeling stronger and more hopeful about your life.  I highly recommend it."

ELLY YULE -Energy Medicine Therapist and Owner of GRASSDANCER Vibrational Essences.


Hi Amanda,

As you know I have purchased recently the bereavement cd from you following the recent sad losses of 2 aunties and also a friend's mother.

This coming on top of the pressure of work I have found both the bereavement and the stress cds extremely helpful not only with my sleeping pattern but also to give a balanced outlook on life around me.

The format of the presentation allowed for my negative and despondent thoughts to be released in a controlled manner, and not only the loss around me but also to be as positive as possible through the healing part of the cd.

I thank you for your work and I hope that people in the same situation can also find the benefits that I have found by listening to your presentation cd`s

Graham Lynes, Property Consultant, Birmingham, UK   

I am sure most of you would agree, the most traumatic and heart wrenching is the death of a child- in whatever tragic circumstances that might be. It is against the natural order of things.

Unless you have been there, most of us, especially those of us who have children, could not even begin to imagine what that must be like for the families.

For most of us, our heart really goes out to those who have lost a child.


  heal the grief bereavement healing gregory goldston    


Similar relaxation CDs, which are music only, without any guided relaxation, without any built in healing and without the opportunity to support bereaved families, who have lost a child can be as much as $30 and you may not get much real comfort or the opportunity to contact your deceased loved one.

Guided relaxation is usually only available as hypnosis CDs, where you may not feel totally in control. CDs will usually start from around $45 and one individual session with a hypnotherapy would cost at least $80.

If you were to go to bereavement counseling you would normally expect to pay around $50 for one session or if you went to a medium or clairvoyant, again you would pay around $50 for one session, with no guarantee of feeling better.

With this package you have deep relaxation, healing, a release of all the negative feelings and an opportunity to contact your deceased loved one.

The aim of this recording is to help you to pick up the pieces of your life, when you have been bereaved, and to take the next courageous steps into your new life.


Only USD $11.99


Beautiful relaxation pictures as a lovely screensaver for your desktop.

Five beautiful pictures as a screensaver for your computer desktop.

When you are feeling stressed during the day, just pause for a few minutes, let your screensaver come up on your computer. Allow yourself to drift off to a wonderful relaxing place, take a few deep breaths, let go of the tension of the day, count slowly to 10 and feel fully refreshed and revitalized.

I understand that this is a very difficult time for you and probably a very expensive time as well. I am offering this package at the ridiculously low price of only $9.97 because I want to help ease your pain, and to get this audio into the hands of as many people in pain as possible.

This is a very powerful recording and the more bereaved people who can listen to it, the more it can help them to rebuild their lives.

This recording could help with your healing process and help you put your life back together.


With this audio download, you can be relaxing to this beautiful recording in minutes. It comes as an MP3 download.

With love and abundant blessings

Amanda Goldston


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