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Opening to Receive

Sometimes one of the biggest challenges with having the things you desire come into your life can be – surprisingly – an openness and willingness to actually receive them.

Many people have a hard time with receiving. They are more than able to give to others and often do that very willing, but there can be blocks to receiving. Sometimes this might be as a result of phrases such as “it is better to give than to receive” or “think of others before yourself.”

Opening to Receive Meditations

I have created these beautiful meditations to help you with Opening Yourself up to Receiving the GOOD that wants to come to you, in any and all areas of your life. Let it be easy.


Opening to Receive Chakra Cleansing and Balancing Meditation

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Open yourself to receive the gifts that balanced energy centres have to offer you. When your chakra energy centres are all open, cleansed, balanced and healed, they work in perfect harmony together. When this happens, it means that life is quite likely to flow very easily for you. Opportunities come your way and life seems to be balanced and working for you.

This beautiful meditation connects you with the powerful energies of the Universe and the Earth to bring balance and harmony to your whole BEING.

The Powerful energies that you are invited to draw in during this meditation help to clear and balance your chakras in the following areas:

  1. Money, material wealth, health and physical stability
  2. Emotions and Sexuality, self-liking
  3. Personal power, attractiveness to world, shining
  4. Love for yourself and others
  5. Communication, asking for what you want, setting boundaries
  6. Insight, intuition, knowing
  7. Connection to Universe and Spirit

Each chakra has a gift for you and this meditation helps you to be open to receive those gifts from each of the chakra energy centres.

Clear away the old non-serving energies, thoughts, feelings, beliefs and patterns. Allow your true self to emerge.

The beautiful music is called "Eight Ocean" by my friend Dyan Garris and it has been specifically designed to gently cleanse and balance your Chakras, so combined together with the beautiful words, this makes a very powerful meditation.

Approx 25-30 minutes 

Opening to Receive and Chakra Balancing Audio Relaxation

Only $12.99 USD.


Opening to Receive Money, Good Luck and Financial Abundance Meditation

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Using powerful golden light, which is one of the highest vibration energies you can clear away old, unhelpful, no-longer-serving limiting beliefs, blockages, thoughts and feelings around money, most of which are probably not yours anyway. Most of these beliefs have come from family, environment or even past lives. They are not your true sparkling essence and you can gently release them.

The second part of the relaxation is to raise your energetic vibration, so that you become more aligned energetically with the things you desire in your life, especially material things, financial wealth and money.

Open yourself up to receiving money and financial abundance from any number of sources, increase your luck and good fortune and get in touch the part of you that wants you to have money and financial abundance.  Allow yourself to feel worthy of receiving all the good things that your heart desires and that the Universe wants to being to you.

The music for this meditation is called "Music for Manifesting" by my friend Dyan Garris and it has been specifically designed to help you to manifest your desires quicker and easier. Together, the gorgeous music and healing words help to create a powerful relaxation meditation.

Approx 25 minutes in length.

Opening to Receive Money and Financial Abundance Audio Relaxation

Only $12.99 USD.

These products are MP3s and are downloadable products, so you can be listening to them and enjoying them within a few minutes of me receiving your payment.


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With abundant blessings.

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