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Clear Limiting Beliefs Audio Relaxation

Do you find yourself hitting the same blocks to success time and again?

clear limiting beliefs audio

"Clear Limiting Beliefs" contains a beautiful, deep relaxation, which is ideal for playing at bedtime or when you need a chill out. (Non hypnosis and non subliminal)

Designed to allow you to quickly, easily and gently remove unwanted, unhelpful blocks that may have had a lasting effect in your life. Worse still, you may not be aware that they are there!

It targets any blocks, whether you know what they are or not, and allows you to remove them, so that you can live your life without the chains that may have been holding you back.

Let the lovely healing music and soothing voice gently work on dissolving your limiting beliefs while you sleep.

It really is a case of Less Effort can equal much Better Results and the great thing is you can do this without needing to drag up the pain of the past.

At the same time, you are going to be able to let the stress melt away, get a great night's sleep, wake up feeling refreshed and full of creative energy, so you can achieve your goals much faster.

You do not need to do anything for them to work for you. You do not have to focus on anything, such as your breath or a mantra or on clearing your mind.

Clearing Limiting Beliefs was a personal journey for me. I purchased this CD thinking it would help me make some changes in the hamster life I was leading.

I was working in a large city prison, surrounded by negativity and that was mainly the staff!

Listening to "Clear Limiting Beliefs" almost every night for three weeks, gave me the courage to change my life and make better decisions.

One year on I have left my old life I am now a qualified hypnotherapist specializing in emotional healing.

Thank you Amanda for such a brilliant CD.


Jayne Morgans Chadwick Hypnotherapist

Thanks so much for the opportunity to check out the meditation part Amanda. I had some pretty interesting results after the first run.

Actually to the point I had to go through it a couple of times to see what was up.

It brought to the surface a couple of things I would have never thought were there.

Well, making the long story short I may have found one of my major stumbling blocks. Though a bit of a shock, nice to have it up and clearing out.


Paul McIntosh

I was pleased to hear Amanda’s reassuring voice at the beginning of the MP3 saying that you can actually get more benefit by putting in less effort as I found that when I listened to these MP3’s, I never got to hear the end because I had fallen asleep!

Since using the MP3’s on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis I have found that I am more at peace with who I am and more self-confident about my beliefs and work.


Polly Hall
, UK

"Before I came across these MP3s, I thought that all this coaching stuff was a load of old mumbo jumbo.  I was completely skeptical, but after speaking to Amanda, I was persuaded to give it a go. 

At first, I thought that there were no effects whatsoever, as I didn't feel any different, and nothing had changed overnight, but after a few weeks, I realized that I was able to get things done much more easily than before.

My workload was increasing, but instead of stressing out about it, I simply got through it, and became more productive than I had thought possible. 

I now have a greater workload than ever before, but it doesn't bother me, and I actually find that I also have more free time than ever before.  More work gets done in less time, and although my wages haven't gone up yet, I'm still doing what I love, and I am definitely happier than I have been in years!"

Neil Brown, Corporate Times Newspaper, Leamington Spa, England.

I wanted to write to you to tell you about the results that I am achieving with your CD's. 

I found it quite bizarre when I was doing a Reflexology treatment on one of my clients last night who is  at a 'cross-roads' in her life I played the 'Clear Limiting Beliefs' CD.

Whilst massaging the feet at the point of your CD where you said 'massaging the soles of the feet' this is precisely what I was doing  AND then at another point on the CD where you were saying 'stroking' I was actually stroking the tops of the feet AND amazingly as I was finishing off the treatment you were saying now be aware of the things around you and open your eyes and it was at this point that I had finished the treatment and was doing a little reiki at the end. It all fitted in perfectly as if we'd worked it out together!

Although she said my treatment was relaxing she said she also felt very energized at the same time and also very 'positive'.

It worked perfectly with my reflexology treatment and I shall be using it in the future quite often AND hopefully be able to sell them on to my clients to help them even further.
Thank you
Sheila Kleinmann


Pat Hicks , Texas , USA


“I thought I had been moved before by Amanda Goldston with her Creative Problem Solver CD, and then I heard Clear Limiting Beliefs.

What an unbelievable gift she has been given. I wish I had words for the power of this recording to affect self love in one’s life but I don’t.

Just love yourself enough to listen to this CD. You will never be same. Your light will shine more brightly than you have ever known in your life.”

Wow! Amanda! The benefits of the CD for Clearing Limiting Beliefs are showing up all around me; and waking up renewed and refreshed is one of them. What I love about this CD and your Success Workbook is you can totally leave any digging and dragging up of any pain from the the past!

I so love the peaceful and relaxed place I go to when I listen to your soothing voice...I feel very safe with where you take us when you are guiding us, and the music is so lovely! Just so you know, this is a lot more than just about relaxation; there’s being at peace with my choices, and living each day effortlessly and with grace and ease.

Many thanks, Amanda, for another great package! You truly are making a difference!


Darleyne Dreger

Amanda has a wonderful way of breaking down into simple steps the method to clear and understand your limiting beliefs.  I carried out the exercises in the workbook initially in one go then reviewed it a few weeks later,  one of the questions seemed so simple but all these beliefs and words I didn't realise I had been holding on to appeared on the page as I scribbled the first things that came into my head in answer to it; it was a real eye-opener!  Several methods are given together with tips on how to maintain the momentum once you have followed the initial steps.  I would highly recommend the Clear Limiting Beliefs package; it is very effective.  The audio is so beautifully relaxing and yet so powerful.

Madeleine Giddens


My Sky-diving experience by Becky Rhone- Nowlan

How can Releasing your Limiting Beliefs help you?

I have been using Amanda Goldston's clearing limiting beliefs to help me with breakthroughs in creating my online business. It is one of my dreams and goals in this life. The other one I had is to go skydiving.

I have been talking about doing this for two years. My usual "reason" *read excuse* is lack of money. Looking back over the years however, I realize there have been many opportunities where money has been in abundance.

So I asked myself why have I not been able to step out of an airplane. The answer is of course resistance which is fueled by the limits that we place upon our lives as we grow up. We learn this behavior from those who have gone before us; our parents. And on back the pattern goes from generation to generation.

Most people live perpetuating their own limiting beliefs. That's where Amanda's excellent work comes in. It works on those things that you are aware of as well as those areas where you have no idea about.

Becky Rhone-Nowlan

This hugely powerful programme is an audio download, so you can be listening to it in a matter of minutes. As it is a relaxation, please do not listen to it whilst driving, operating machinery or doing anything that requires your concentration or attention.


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We want you to be totally satisfied with your products. If you're not happy with the results from any of my ebooks or audios, I don't expect ... or want ... to keep your money. Just let me know within 90 days and I'll happily refund your money in full (in fact, I'd be embarrassed to keep it). No questions asked.

With abundant blessings.

Amanda Goldston

P.S. Drift into a deep, blissful relaxation and allow blocks to success to gently dissolve away while you rest.


"Amanda Goldston has a true gift which she shares with the world. The majority of new research makes much of the power of belief and as such one can surmise that limiting beliefs hold us back as people and interfere with our perceptions of our reality and, more importantly, perceptions of what we can achieve.

If you want to discover what you are truly made of, what you can truly achieve and how to make your dreams come true, Amanda Goldston is the woman to call."

Martin Drury. BBC approved freelance journalist for UK/US media





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