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Amanda Goldston

I graduated from the University of Salford in UK in 1989 with a BA (Hons) degree in Modern Languages. From there I went into the competitive business-to-consumer direct sales environment, where I worked for over 10 years.

During this time I began to apply simple relaxation and visualization techniques before sales calls and found this helped greatly with my sales performance.

As a result of this, I noticed the success I had using these techniques and began to teach, train and inspire others in the sales and educational environment.

Along the way my interest in holistic and spiritual matters began to increase. I started to meditate regularly and did readings (Tarot and Angel cards) to develop my intuition and to work further on my self-development.

This led me into coaching and helping others to find their own GREATNESS. In 2003 I developed a series of relaxation audios and workbooks called, "Clear Limiting Beliefs, Creative Problem Solver, Create Your Ideal Day and Develop Your Intuition in Business."

My journey with money

I have struggled with money most of my life, generally with not having enough, not being able to draw in the money I desired, trying to protect what I had and then, when I did have money come into my life, spending it all just as fast to leave myself back in the same place I was before - or worse!

I have tried all sorts of different techniques over time to change this, some of which have worked to a limited degree and some of which did not work at all.

Not allowing myself to have or keep money has been partly due to some very bad decisions and poor money management. It has also been due to some very negative emotions and feelings attached to money.

As an example, I found I was holding a deep sense of shame around having money, which went back to wealthy family members a few generations ago, losing a lot of money and land at the gambling card tables - maybe that would explain why I have not had much luck in winning the lottery!

I found I was very judgemental of people with money, and more importantly, of the ways in which they had made their money, with some very clear ideas of what were "good and acceptable" sources of money and which were "very bad and unethical" sources of money.

One of the other things that came up for me was the bizarre idea that my gifts and talents are for the benefit and service of other people and should in no way be used to enrich myself!

These created a sense that money was a very bad thing to be associated with, and that it was very unsafe to have money, despite all the logic of telling myself otherwise.

Much of this was fueled by a deep sense of Unworthiness and Not Deserving, which is a belief that is very pervasive throughout our whole culture.

I found that the decisions not to allow myself to have money and to push it away were actually made by me, at some level, at some point in my past, mostly unconsciously and generally as a small child.
Those decisions were still running my life today.

The day I caught myself using the phrase “The Voice of Insignificance!” was a major turning point, as I realised I had never felt heard, listened to or understood and so had held myself back, not stood up for myself, said yes when I really meant no and backed away from shining in the limelight.

That one had to go, as that really was not serving me!

I found there are some quite simple techniques to change those decisions, and to get past the Invisible Barriers that had always thwarted my attempts to make changes in the past.

In the first two months of applying these techniques, I had my best ever income earning months, which has put me well on track to a 6 figure income this year. This amounted to over £40,000 gross income in my first full year, from a standing start and having less than £5 in my purse for the week, in a job that I am not particularly keen on.

I have also identified, and been able to change, many of the old, non-serving habit patterns, such as getting rid of all my money. Once the patterns have been cleared, I have able to apply some sound money management practices, which has meant I am keeping more of what I am earning, instead of frittering and wasting it.

Life is meant to be enjoyed and is meant to flow, easily and effortlessly. It is not meant to be a struggle.

I live in the Midlands, UK, with my husband Greg and two daughters


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