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Angel Card Reading by Dyan Garris

Instructions for Free Angel Card Reading:

Choose the Span by clicking directly on it.
Click on "Shuffle" as many times as you would like.
Choose your cards by clicking on them.
They will automatically turn over and go to their correct placements.
Click on the "Reading" button and enjoy your free reading!
Helpful Things To Know:

"Next" button will go to the next card in the reading.
"Previous" button will show you the previous card in the reading.
Clicking on the "New" button will let you choose another Span for another reading.
"Cut" button cuts/eliminates/gets rid of the current reading.

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healing journey cd cover

A Healing Journey- Voice of the Angels CD by Dyan Garris

A Healing Journey –The Voice of the Angels CD

This is the first in the series for Automatic Chakra Balance,™ relaxation, help in sleeping, and vibrational attunement of mind, body, and spirit.

Six tracks of soothing instrumental music followed by a guided meditation on the last track, for healing, meeting guardian angels, chakra balance, and more. This is a delightful journey through the chakras.

This CD is the companion to Voice of the Angels-A Healing Journey Spiritual Cards. Each card is a scene from the "journey" found on this CD.

$12.95 USD

Money and Manifesting Book

money and manifesting book cover by dyan garris

Money and Manifesting by Dyan Garris


Dyan has just released a truly fantastic book called "Money and Manifesting".

Many of us have put out requests to the Universe for extra money, only to find the response to be very disappointing (or in some cases- non existent!) Dyan's book explains exactly why that may have been the case.

The real truth to manifesting lies in our chakra system, or the focal points of energy in our body. Many of our deep-rooted fears about money and material success lie in the base chakra of the system. Dyan's book explains exactly how to identify and clear those blocks.

Dyan's book looks at the different relationships we can have to money and offers some practical ideas on how to improve that relationship.

Highly recommended.

$14.99 USD

**NEW** - Just Released
Manifesting beyond the Law of Attraction Course
from Dyan Garris

Are you tired of the Law of Attraction and trying to get it to work for you? Have you tried everything to manifest your life the way you want it to be?  Dyan has written this very affordable manifesting course in an easy to follow, easy to understand format in eight lessons. Manifestation of anything in your life is very simple and easy once you understand what's in your way and how to unblock it. Following each lesson is homework and accompanying meditations/media.

This is an 8 part course with a meditation for each part.

For more information, Please Click Here

Special Money and Manifesting Package

Dyan has just recently recorded 3 brilliant teleseminars around her best-selling book "Money and Manifesting". They are really excellent, with lots of additional information and ways to clear your chakras and attract financial abundance into your life.

She has put together a very special package for you, which consists of her Money and Manifesting CD, Release CD (which is beautiful) and the audios from the 3 teleseminars, which are are over two hours of wisdom from Dyan.

All this for only $33.00 and when you order through the link below, you'll get an extra discount at the checkout for being a friend of mine.

Click Here for more information and to order

Release CD by Dyan Garris

This is the perfect companion to Dyan's "Money and Manifesting" book.. It is ideal for helping to release old, stuck, unhelpful patterns around money and success.

This is a really beautiful CD that you can listen to for relaxation and meditation or as gorgeous background music.

release cd cover by dyan garris

Release CD by Dyan Garris

Release by Dyan Garris

This is the 11th album by Dyan Garris, creator of a music and meditation series for healing, relaxation, help in sleeping, stress release, Automatic Chakra Balance,(TM) and vibrational attunement of mind, body, and spirit.

The series has earned the "National Health & Wellness" Stamp of Approval. Release was a 2007 New Age Reporter Lifestyle Award Nominee for "Best Album Cover Artwork" and "Best Relaxation/Meditation Album of the Year."

Release is 11 tracks of relaxation/massage music (no guided meditation) vibrating to the 7th chakra. Perfect for stress release.

$14.95 USD


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