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Clearing old, unhelpful BELIEFS

Many of us have acquired some very unhelpful, unsupportive beliefs over the years, especially around money and success. Many of these will stem from our experiences as children, from what we heard about money, success and rich people at home or school or around us. Much of it was not very helpful.

We then very often run the same patterns in our own lives as our parents did. We can find ourselves unconsciously sabbotaging ourselves just at the point of success or even pushing money and success away. This then shows up in FEAR patterns, where we get frightened to take action or try something new or pursue our dreams.

As Marianne Willaimson says in her famous book:
A Return to Love" (1992)
"Our deepest FEAR is NOT that we are Inadequate,
Our Deepest fear is that we are Powerful beyond measure.
It is our LIGHT, not our darkness, that most frightens us."


The Good News is that these beliefs and fears can easily be identified and permanently cleared just as easily. It is own choice whether we hang on to these limiting beliefs, or whether we are willing to let go of them and move forward in our lives. Here are some of the most effective exercises I have found to do just that.

Once we have identified them, we can release them forever.


First of All, and Most Important!

SET YOUR INTENTION to discover anything and everything that is holding you back, and DECIDE to clear it, once and for all, NOW! You can ask for help with the clearing process, if you feel you need to. It is vitally important that you are willing to totally LET GO of all of it. None of it is serving you.

Are you willing to PERMANENTLY let go of anything and everything that has held you back in the past?

Are you willing step into your GREATNESS and to have the SUCCESS you DESERVE and the LIFE of your DREAMS?

BELIEVE & TRUST that it CAN and WILL all be released in one session. A belief is a thought, and we can choose the thoughts which make us feel negative and restrained or we can choose the thoughts which make us HAPPY & EMPOWERED.

Once you have identified and cleared a negative belief, it can only come back if you choose to focus on it and allow it to come back. Why would you want it back? When you clear it, fill the space with the more empowering Vision of WHO YOU TRULY ARE and your GREATNESS


Take 2 pieces of paper. On the first piece, write everything which comes to mind, when you think of Success & Money- we'll start with this one because it is one of the most negatively charged word's in the English language, and many of the beliefs which hold you back in this area will be the same ones that hold you back in other areas as well. On your page, you might like to finish some of these sentences:

  • Money is...
  • Money is not....
  • Rich People are...
  • You can only make money if....
  • I am...
  • I can't make money because.......
  • As a child I always heard....

Write everything you can about your current money situation, what it looks, sounds, feels, tastes, smells like. For now, really get into the feeling of it, as you are writing it.

When you have finished it, put it to one side. Now on the 2nd piece, write out your money situation as you would like it to be. Put all the wonderful things you would do, buy, have, places you would visit, what your bank account looks like. Describe it in full detail and include as many of your senses as you can.

What does it look, sound, feel, taste, smell like? Where are you? how are you dressed? Who is with you? Are you smiling and happy? What are you doing? Who would you be BEING, to have all these things? What beliefs would you need to have to BE that person and to have all those fantastic things?

Put as much feeling into it as you can. When you have finished, look over both sheets of paper, and make a decision as to which you prefer. If is is the positive one, then take the other and say "This is no longer my truth. I am done with this. I release this all now from every cell of my mind, body and spirit". Then get rid of the piece of paper.

Burning it is best! You might find that you have trouble burning it, because your EGO will not want you to let go of all the old because it resists change. For you to be able to move forward, you EGO in its present form must die and be reborn, so it can serve the new YOU. (More on the EGO later)

Take the 2nd piece of paper, make a conscious choice that this is now your TRUTH, put it in your purse or wallet and carry it everywhere with you. That is powerful enough to clear anything.

And once you are clear, you can truly have anything you can imagine!

©Amanda Goldston 2004 All Rights Reserved.

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