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Develop Your Intuition

As a Tarot consultant and Angel Card Reader, I am often asked whether everyone has this ability to see and hear information, which is not immediately obvious to the five senses.

The answer is most definitely YES, although it is more developed in some people than others.

It is often referred to intuition or gut instinct- or the “BS Detectorr” and seems to be more widely used by women.

Why develop psychic abilities

How to tell immediately if someone is lying to you

How to get an insight into the character and personality of someone you are dealing with

Know in advance what objections someone might come up with to your proposal and be prepared for them

Get a sense of the likely outcome of an event and make changes if you don’t like the outcome

Tune into a coaching client and really get a feeling of what is going on for them when they might not be able to express it in words

How to develop Psychic abilities

Know when your intuition is trying to connect with you. Think of a time when you absolutely knew something was right or wrong- and you listened to that knowing. How did you know? Was it a feeling in your body? Where was it? Was there a voice? How was the knowing voice different from all the other chatter in your head?


When you can identify that knowing, you can practice listening to it

  • Relax and be still. The quieter you can get your mind, the easier is it to connect with your intuition. It is hard for it to get through to you when you are stressed. Take a few deep breaths, breathe our tension and breathe in a feeling of connection.
  • Practice Just as the phone rings, take a deep breath and try to tune in to who is calling. It really freaks someone when you answer the phone with their name, especially if you were about to call them- and their number has not shown up on your phone.
  • Have fun; listen to your feelings or to the little quiet, knowing voice that is there to guide you. Before you make an important decision, pause, take a deep breath, ask yourself what is the best course of action for you at this moment and quietly wait for an answer.

Once you can learn to trust your intuition or gut feeling, it won’t let you down. It will help you in any situation Amanda Goldston

©Amanda Goldston 2006


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