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Choose Your Direction

Direction - Top of Porlock Hill, Exmoor North Devon, ©2015 Gregory Goldston

Direction – Top of Porlock Hill, Exmoor North Devon Direction – Top of Porlock Hill, Exmoor North Devon ©2015 Gregory Goldston


The top of Porlock Hill, Exmoor, Somerset, in the South West of England, UK. This is looking towards Minehead. From this spot you can see for miles across the Moorlands of Exmoor and out towards the waters of the Bristol Channel. The scenery is stunning.

I grew up in this part of the world and absolutely love it

The difference is height from top to bottom is appropriately 1300 feet (or 400metres) over the space of about 2 miles. The gradient is as steep as 1 in 4 in places with hairpin bends. There have been a few burnt out brakes by the time vehicles get to the bottom and a few speeding vehicles has made use of the conveniently located emergency stopping places on the way down!

Yes, I have seen cyclists coming UP the hill and have had to admire their endurance and calf muscles!

One of the best parts of this hill has to be the ice-cream van conveniently located about half way up, that sells some of the most yummiest, locally made ice-cream known to womankind (and children).

 Inspiration Card Meaning

Decide where you want to go, make your plans, take control of the action steps that YOU need to take and set off in the direction of your dreams. Take one step at a time and the path will unfold for you. There is a lot of energy in moving forward.

As you set off on your journey, you are likely to encounter obstacles and challenges. Take them as they come. Take the time to think each one thorough as you encounter it and take appropriate action.

Most success comes from following the steps, to the sign posts (or even the white lines in the road), one step at a time.

There is a huge amount of energy and power in knowing where you want to go. Set your goal, your intention and your destination and start.

There are also endless ways you can get to the same goal. Pick one route, get started and if you need to make detours around obstacles, those other paths will open up to you.

As you find a direction of where you want, or need to go, remember to enjoy the journey and to appreciate the amazing experiences and people along the way. Go at a speed that is appropriate for you.

Trust in the process and don’t worry too much about what might be ahead.

Have a fabulous day.

Amanda Goldston
Life Alchemist

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Windswept Walk over HardKnott Pass

Pleasure Walking – Snow and Mountains

I have just spent a few days in the Lake District in Cumbria and it was really gorgeous.

Greg and I went for a drive and a walk over Hardknott Pass, the top of which is 393m above sea-level. Greg had told me that there are the remains of a Roman Fort at the top – Really??? Up there?? That would have been a real culture shock to a Roman Centurion coming from a sunny Mediterranean Climate to the bleak, windswept mountains of Cumbria, with plenty of snow in the Winter.

Hard Knott Pass Cumbria ©2015 Gregory Goldston

Hard Knott Pass Roman Fort Cumbria ©2015 Gregory Goldston

Hard Knott Pass Cumbria  ©2015 Gregory Goldston

Hard Knott Pass Cumbria ©2015 Gregory Goldston

Hard Knott Pass Cumbria  ©2015 Gregory Goldston

Hard Knott Pass Cumbria ©2015 Gregory Goldston

Well, yes he was right. It was clearly quite a substantial structure in its day and was well placed on a trading route. The road certainly does not follow the traditional “straight” Roman road. It is a narrow, winding road, with several very substantial hairpin bends.

What a view from the top!

We stopped at the Fort and had a walk around it. I had a huge moment of YEARNING as I could see the snow-capped mountain peaks in the distance. Two of my favourite things – Snow and Mountains!

Hard Knott Pass Cumbria  ©2015 Gregory Goldston

Hard Knott Pass Cumbria ©2015 Gregory Goldston

We had our picnic at the top of the pass. WOW! So Gorgeous!

Hard Knott Pass Cumbria  ©2015 Gregory Goldston

Hard Knott Pass Cumbria ©2015 Gregory Goldston

That is certainly a place for blowing out the cobwebs and I really felt so much better.

It did become very apparent to me, though, how much weight I have put on and how unfit I have got over the last 12 months. Last year, in Switzerland, it was Greg that was huffing and puffing up the mountains, however this year it was me! This needs sorting!

This ticked a lot of the boxes in my Pleasure Pledge in different areas of my life!

All images ©2015 Gregory Goldston

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My Top 3 Bucket List

Jungfrau Mountain Railway and Lindt Chocolate Factory

I love Switzerland and mountains. I would love to travel through Switzerland, along the Rhine Valley Gorge and down through the mountain passes from Chur to Zermatt on the Glacier Express and then up on the railway to the top of the Jungfrau.

These photos are part of that train journey along the spectacular Rhine Gorge, near Ilianz

The Rhine Gorge ©2014 Gregory Goldston


The Rhine Gorge ©2014 Gregory Goldston


The Rhine Gorge ©2014 Gregory Goldston

Not only do I want to see the breath-taking views from the Jungfrau,  “The Top of Europe” and breathe the really clean, fresh air, but I also want to go to the Lindt Chocolate factory, conveniently located at 3454m above sea-level at the Jungfraujoch. What a place to put the world’s highest chocolate factory!

Machu Pichu

I have always been fascinated by Machu Pichu and would love to visit there. I would like to hike up to the top, and really experience the changing scenery on the way up to one of the world’s most spectacular and magical places. I am a great believer in past lives and, in meditations, have often seem myself stood on top of the stepped pyramid with the job of channelling the energy from the Universe down into the Earth. I would like to see if the place feels equally as magical in real life.

Grand Canyon

I would love to fly over the Grand Canyon and take in the sheer awesomeness of this amazing natural formation. It always strikes me as a very mystical place. I studied Geography at College and have always been fascinated by landscapes and what they might have looked like millions of years ago.

As these are on my bucket list, I have not yet visited them.  I have visited the Laax area of Switzerland, near the Rhine Gorge, so the images I have on this webpage were taken by my husband Gregory Goldston and I have his full permission to use them in this blog post and competition entry. I do not, as yet, have photos of the other locations, however here’s hoping and wishing!

This post is my competition entry to Win a Trip to see the Northern Lights, with   #TransunLights

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How a £1 bag of Nuts brought Untold Pleasure!

Red Squirrels at Formby, Lancashire

We went to Formby Point in Lancashire to see the Red Squirrels. This is one of the very few places in the country that you can see Red Squirrels “in the wild.” There is large woodland area, where the squirrels live, however they are very hard to see for several reasons. They are well camouflaged in the trees, they tend to most active early in the morning and they are not very keen on noisy people – of which there were a lot of last group, being as it was a sunny, Saturday afternoon.

We walked around the woodland trail at lunchtime and could not see any squirrels although we could hear them in the trees. We spent a couple of hours basking in the sunshine on the beach a decided to go back for one last look. I thought I caught sight of a red tail in the distance, scurrying up a tree, but I could not be sure.

We came back to near the exit, which is quite densely wooded. There were a few people stood there, trying to spy a squirrel in the trees, but nothing much was happening. My husband, Greg, then got out the bag of monkey nuts that he had brought with us and starting throwing them into the thicket of trees.

He loudly declared that “Squirrels love these nuts. Just wait a minute and watch! They will all come out!”

Well, he was right. Within a few minutes, they started to appear and to hunt for the monkey nuts. Within 10 minutes, we had a real “squirrel spectacular” going on. They were playing, scampering around and fighting each other over the nuts.

Red Squirrel ©2015 Gregory Goldston

Red Squirrel ©2015 Gregory Goldston

Red Squirrel ©2015 Gregory Goldston

Red Squirrel ©2015 Gregory Goldston

It was surprising how tame they were and how close they came to the fence to get the nuts. This was when the people watching were quiet and had the sole intention of watching in awe and taking photographs. They soon scampered off when there was too much noise.

Red Squirrel ,©2015 Gregory Goldston

Red Squirrel ,©2015 Gregory Goldston

A lot of people there had been coming to that woodland on a regular basis and had never managed to see even one squirrel, let alone a dozen or more. One lady photographer had travelled all the way from Staffordshire to see the squirrels and up until that point had only managed to see one earlier in the day. She was delighted with the squirrel photoshoot.

Red Squirrel ©2015 Gregory Goldston

Red Squirrel ©2015 Gregory Goldston

One little girl, who was standing next to me, lit up like a little beacon when she saw the squirrels. It was as much as she could do to contain her squeaks and squeals of excitement.

We had taken our 18 year old daughter, as we were dropping her back of at University. Although she had been to the area before, she did not see any squirrels the last time we were there. Her face changed from disappointment to delight when the squirrels came out to play.

Quite a crowd gathered to watch the squirrels. No one, apart from my husband Greg, seemed to know that squirrels have a passion for monkey nuts and can’t resist them.

It was wonderful to see how much pleasure was created and how many beaming smiles there were on people’s faces and all because of a £1 bag of monkey nuts!

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Pleasure Tip for 15th January 2015

#Pleasure – Ask yourself – “How could I enjoy PLEASURE at WORK today?”

Yes, you can have pleasure at work – when you look for it!   This is even in situations that seem like they give you the least possible pleasure or dealing with difficult people.

Look for something, however small, that makes you smile and makes you feel good on the inside, even if it is only for a few moments. Even better if you can laugh at it!

The next question you can ask yourself is “How could I enjoy EVEN MORE Pleasure at Work today?”

This is a brilliant question because it pre-supposes that you already have already found at least some pleasure in your work. You are now adding to that pleasure. You are turning up the Pleasure dial if you like.

Have a sparkling, pleasure- filled day.


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One of the biggest changes in my life over the last 12 months, has been making PLEASURE and FUN a priority in my life. As such I have started to create daily PLEASURE tips. Here is the first one – ‪#‎Pleasure‬ Here is the first of my daily Pleasure tips. Make YOU and Your PERSONAL PLEASURE and FUN your Number ONE PRIORITY!

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From Limiting Beliefs to The Orgasmic Business Coach

The Orgasmic Business Coach

Enabling Women to Harness the Power of their Female Sexual Energies to Create Explosive Success in their Business and Wealth

You may be wondering where this has all come from and how I can transitioned from creating meditation products and clearing limiting beliefs to The Orgasmic Business Coach!!!

I have been creating Inspirational relaxation products and helping people clear limiting beliefs and blocks to success since 2003. My most popular audio has been – and still is – “Clear Limiting Beliefs” and this has been helping people clear blocks to success – whilst they rest- since 2003.

As I have worked with people on clearing limiting beliefs, we have used all manner of processes, from simple questioning to deep energy clearing and healing work. Some processes have worked better than others and some have created more lasting change than others.

The Missing Piece in the Success Creation Puzzle

Through this work, I discovered what I believe to be the “Missing Piece” in Success Creation that is not really talked about in personal development and success circles.

Teachers of Success Creation often tell us that we really need to “see and feel” our intentions as if they were real – right now! I have found from experience that has worked to a point. I still struggled to work out why sometimes I could manifest my desires with ease and other times they remained illusive.

I have found that when you can go beyond “feeling” your goals to be real and you connect with them in your body, in a way that feels sexy, attractive and really sexual, then you are tapping into the biggest driving force we have – the desire for sex expression!

The Energy of Sex: Transmutation

Napoleon Hill talked about it as the 10th Principle to Success in his book “Think and Grow Rich” which was published in the 1930s. It is called the Energy of Sex: Transmutation and is probably the least understood principle.

Through my own personal journey over the last 12 months, I found that when I allowed myself to have more pleasure in my physical body, then my sales skyrocketed. I earned more in less time, with less effort and less stress than I had ever done.

I chose to then make PLEASURE my Number ONE Guiding PRIORITY in all areas of my life.

When you allow your personal magnetism, or sex energy, to shine out into the world, it is the quickest way to pull old, no-longer-serving stuff to the surface to be cleared.

The birth of The Orgasmic Business Coach became the next natural step to really ACCELERATE MASSIVE TRANSFORMATION with my clients.

No room for hiding, time to shine!

I now offer a VIP Power Up Your Orgasm in Business Days and a 90 day total transformation Programme to enable other women to harness your own sexual energies to explode your business growth and income. These are private, personal, 1-2-1 sessions.

Contact me now for a free consultation.


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Fantastic Webinar

We had a great webinar.

Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed.

You can listen to the replay here:

“Earn Over £100,000 ($100,000) a year, doing what you love, with a balanced life and having fun”
Earn More Money, Keep More Money and Clear the Inner Limiting Beliefs Around Money

With abundant blessings.

Amanda Goldston

Author of the forthcoming book
How to Earn Over £100,000 a Year, Doing What You Love,
With a Balanced Life and Having Fun
Earn More Money, Keep More Money and Clear the Inner Limiting Beliefs Around Money

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Register for FREE Webinar “Earn Over £100,000 a year, doing what you love, with a balanced life and having fun”

“Earn Over £100,000 ($100,000) a year, doing what you love, with a balanced life and having fun”

Earn More Money, Keep More Money and Clear the Inner Limiting Beliefs Around Money

Saturday 22nd November 2014 at 7pm GMT (2pm EST)


Provide valuable Results in Advance Content on:

  • What would you really love to do?
  • What is stopping you from living your DreamLife?
  • The 6 Steps to Creating Your Dream Life
  • Money Management Tips to earn more and keep more of what you earn
  • Some common inner money blocks to having more money
  • My simple Process to identify and clear limiting beliefs
  • Two valuable free gifts for Inner and Outer Money Management
  • Live Q and A

You will get most benefit from attending the call live, however, the call will be recorded. You can send in your questions prior to the event.

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Amanda Goldston

Author of the Forthcoming Book

“How to earn over £100,000 a year

doing what you love, with a balanced life

and having fun”

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History and Heritage Walk

History and Heritage Walk

Yesterday, Sunday 17th August, we went for a walk starting at the Old Furnaces at Moira, Leicestershire, and walked along the canal, past Conkers, and through the wood of the National Forest.

I would have to disagree with Endomondo that we ran round the canals and the woods! It really was more of a gentle amble!

This is a fascinating area because it was once a thriving coal mining area. All of those old mines are now long gone and the area has been turned into a lovely nature reserve area.

I hadn’t taken my coat, as I thought it was going to be brilliant sunshine, which is mostly was, apart from when I attempted to bend down to tie up my boot laces and it started to rain!

Yes, it rained right down my back and I ended up with a soaking wet bottom!

There was a folk festival going on at the Moira Furnaces, so we enjoyed some free music.
Some of it was very good and some of the songs were really quite depressing!

Moira was formerly furnaces for coke and iron ore, as well as line kilns.

Some of this is still in existence.

Greg took some interesting pictures today, with a mixture of sunshine and rain showers, as per typical British summer.

For comparison, I have included some dramatic infrared images that Greg took a couple of years ago, when we visited the Moira furnaces one evening, when there was no-one around.

Of course, no Sunday afternoon walk is complete without a good nosh-up! As there was a festival going on, there was a plentiful supply of gorgeous food, including pancakes and ice-cream! Yes, we did enjoy, as it would have been rude not to!

With abundant blessings.

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