The Power of WHY?

I recently did a very powerful exercise called “Start with WHY?”

The idea is that once you know WHY you do what you do, then it takes far less effort to explain HOW you do that and also WHAT it is that you actually do.

I decided to give it a go.

I sat with my large sheets of paper and coloured pens and kept asking WHY?

  • Why do I do what I do?
  • Why have I created all of these products?
  • Why do I risk alienating and upsetting people, especially with books like “Orgasm Your Way to Prosperity” which has been very divisive?

The answers that came back were very interesting to say the least!

In short, I have a huge desire to change the world for the better

I want to give people the tools and resources, so they can make small changes in their lives that create massive transformation – and they too can change the world!

I want to inspire people to create their DreamLife, so that everyone (including me) can live a life of overflowing abundance, in all areas, especially money.

Why Money?

Well, with money comes Power and Influence and the ability to make a difference in an instant. With money you can make a large donation to your favourite cause and you can get your awesome message out into the world and reach more people much faster than you can if you are trying to do that on a shoestring.

The Birth of the MAD Woman Academy

Out of this process came the birth of my new name, which actually summarises everything I am about and gives a space for all my diverse offerings.

MAD Woman Academy for Magnificent, Awesome, Daring Women


Once I did this, the How and What became much clearer.

Deepest Passions

This process also helps you to tap into your deepest passions and what you really want for you and your life.

Alongside your deepest passions, all the limitations, frustrations and reasons Why Not, will also come to the surface.

I will talk more about this in the next blog post.

Try out this exercise for yourself. It is really powerful. If you need some inspiration, watch this video from Simon Sinek. This was the trigger for me.

With abundant blessings.



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4 Lessons on How to Change Direction in Life

4 Lessons on How to Change Direction in Life

A guest blog post written by Robert Reeve

You might wake up one morning and felt stuck in a rut. When you start closing in on the later parts of your life, it is easy to start feeling like life has gone by and you aren’t sure if you are heading in the right direction.

Things like children moving from home and looming retirement – it can all make you feel a bit uncertain and even afraid. But you don’t need to think your life is over. In fact, changing direction later in your life is not only possible, but it can also be extremely rewarding, and more people are doing it as they reach their late 40’s and early 50’s, with some doing it when they’re even older.

So, what are some of the life lessons you should know about changing direction in life at an older age?

Over-thinking Won’t Get You Anymore

Change isn’t easy and it most likely won’t ever be just plain sailing. You might have a few tumbles and you may want to go back to your normal routines after a while. But you can’t know what good might come out of it if you don’t just do it.

Hundreds of things might happen when you change your job or even if you move to a new house! Over-thinking about all the possibilities will just paralyse you and keep you from doing it. Instead, try to learn to get go.

You Have the Control

When you are faced with big life changes, like children moving out, it’s easy to think that life is moving too fast and you have no control. But you do have control over your own everyday actions!

Don’t be afraid to just look at what you want and doing it. You can’t know what happens the next day, but you can decide what you do today.

There is a great saying by Gandhi that goes like this: “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

Trust Yourself

It might sound like a cheesy, obvious statement, but as you get older, you do gain experience and a better understanding of yourself. If your heart is telling you that it yearns for more adventure, don’t deny the right just because you have previously been the kind of person that settles for comfort.

Trust your own inner voice, remain confident, and have faith in your ability to know what you want from life. Try out different things in smaller steps. If you feel like quitting your job and earning money by painting, just try it first and if you love waking up to paint each day, just step into the unknown!

Do What Makes You Happy

You should definitely stop doing things just out of responsibility. If you don’t wake up to work feeling happy, try to think what makes you feel sad? If you do feel a lot happier working around in the garden, start thinking about whether you can earn a living with your passion.

Don’t do things only because that’s expected of you. As long as you feel happy, the change will happen.

Sometimes you can the best way to change direction in life is by starting slowly. Once you do, you’ll feel amazing afterwards! Be brave and be happy!

Written by Robert Reeve for Reader’s Digest

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#walk1000miles Challenge Day 8

Sunday 21st June 2015

I did not do a great deal of walking today. Greg spent most of the day re-laying the flags on the drive, so he burnt off his calories with some heavy lifting and moving his arms around.  One of the quirks of the activity tracker is that it actually measures how much you swing your arm about, rather than actual steps that your feet take – although it classes them as steps.

I walked up into town, but did not do much else, so today my total was only 3.5 miles.

After all the effort earlier in the week, this ended up being quite a sluggish weekend.

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#topTVdads Competition

This is my competition entry for the Currys PCWorld #topTVdads

My Top TV Dads are all from the halls of the Comedy Giants. I thought of all the dads, a combination of which would border on the insane, the dangerous and the out and out miserable. My five are thus:Frank Spencer

  • Harold Steptoe
  • Alf Garnett
  • Frank Spencer
  • Norman Stanley Fletcher
  • Ben Harper

Harold Steptoe for Steptoe and Son didn’t want to be parted from his son. This is the dad with hooks, there is no escape. The question was who would die first!

Alf Garnet from Till Death do us Part, was a very opinionated father. He did have values and beliefs that may not be to everyone taste which he gleefully preached. His daughter, not surprisingly, grows up equally opinionated. Always good for an argument!

Frank Spencer from Some Mothers Do Have Them, as a father was very loving to his daughter and cared for her fondly. Unfortunately, situations always happened to him, and if his daughter manages to live through childhood, she would need to be indestructible.

Norman Stanley Fletcher from Porridge was the elusive father since he spent most of the time at her Majesty’s Pleasure. He could have been a good dad if he stopped getting nicked!

Ben Harper from My Family, is the father who wants everyone to leave so that he can get on with a bachelor lifestyle. His family knows how to annoy him though and just keep coming back.

These five Dads show how difficult it can be for a child to grow up sane and normal. In many ways these are the anti-dads. Unfortunately, most dads share a hint of all these characteristics. So children beware!


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#walk1000miles Challenge Day 7

Saturday 20th June

Today was another sluggish day because I was not feeling at all well. I woke up full of the cold with a sore throat and actually slept until about 11am. I suppose I have released off a lot of stuff over the last few days and finally come to peace with the double glazing industry. I can finally look at my experiences of last year from a place a peace and gratitude, so that is a huge step forward.

I am actually now looking forward to going back to work and to starting to earn some money again. It has been a tough 6 months from a money point of view and my grand plan of winning the lottery and living a life of abundance, doing exactly what I want to do, did not quite come to fruition. My job will at least get us back in a place where we can do a lot of the things we want to do. I am starting to see positives and to look forward to the future with some optimism again.

Hopefully this might now start the winning streak again. I was quite disappointed with the results from June’s comping efforts, but then again, it was all a bit hit and miss as I was not very consistent with comp entries.

My body today felt very heavy and sluggish and it was a real effort to move anywhere.

We did go for a little walk around Pooley Nature Reserve and in total I walked 2.85 miles.

There were several cute duck families on the canal. One was on the water and came swimming rapidly over towards us when they saw us. I think we looked like ideal candidates for feeding them lots of bread, but unfortunately we did not have any.

Another duck family was on the canal bank and they were very keen to show us their best side for a photograph!

ducks at pooley copyright gregory goldston

From starting this challenges last Sunday, that has given me a total of 48.6 miles for the first week.

So, I am a bit ahead for the first week, however I need to keep that momentum going, to make sure that I stay over the 40 miles per week.

Have a great week.


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#walk1000miles Challenge Day 6

Friday 19th June 2015

Today was quite a sluggish day as I only ended up walking 3.60miles.

This was partly because I went for a job interview and got a new job and partly because I was feeling rather lethargic.

New Job

I was really pleased with to be offered a new job as a Sales Consultant with Everest Home Improvements and am looking forward to getting started. This is an industry I am familiar with and I am now working with the company that can legitimately claim to have the best products, as permitted by the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority).

Walk away your Troubles

This also goes to show how walking really can clear negative experiences out of your system as I have spent several days clearing out my thoughts, feelings and judgments about a previous company. I knew I needed to come to a place of neutrality with it, to take responsibility for my own decisions and stop blaming others.

Once I was truly able to come to a place of being grateful for that previous opportunity, the people involved in it and the money I earned, then I knew I was ready to move onto something new.

I realised how low my confidence and self-esteem had fallen over the last six months, which, when I had combined that with excess eating and lack of movement, had not left me in the best of places.

When I came back from the interview, Greg commented on how much more confident I looked. I felt better in myself, apart from the cold that was starting. I had suspected it was coming because my throat felt like I had “swallowed a cold.” It was probably also a case of the end of a chapter and the start of something new. This is also combined with quite an intense build up of energy for the Summer solstice on Sunday 21st June.

Short Walk Around Stationfields

We went for a short walk around the Stationfields today, but I really was dragging myself along. Greg lit the fire for me and I curled up on the sofa and went to sleep. I was in bed by 11pm and slept until 10am the next day.

3.60 miles today.

Have an awesome day.




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#walk1000miles Challenge Day 5

Amington Circular

Today I got up early, as Greg is at home and he needed to go to work, so I was en route for my walk by 8.15am. I think I am starting to get fitter as I walked for about 2 and ¼ hours and I covered around 5 miles. Quite a lot of this was through meadow areas where there was high grass and wildflowers. I was fortunate in that someone had obviously gone that way before me because there was quite a clearly defined path through the overgrown fields.

I walked along the fields past Stationfields in Tamworth and then headed towards Amington and the first possible place to cross the river. I then walked back on the other side, keeping as close to the river as I could, although the path sometimes came quite a way inland before going back towards the river.

It was a bit of a journey of discovery, as I was not quite sure where I was going to come out. We have previously walked part of this route, but not all of it. I was curious to see where I would be able to cross when I came to the railway bridges. I ended up going underneath two very low bridges and walking along the river, heading away from where I wanted to go!

I soon recognised where I was as I had come out at a part of Tamworth called Bolehall. I shall be very glad to get a phone with maps on it next week, so I have at least got some idea where I am and where the path is going to lead me.

This was a 5 mile circular route, which brought me back past the shops, which was good as I needed to stock up on Chocolate to go with our daily latte later on today, when Greg comes home.

Arms and Upper Body exercises

Before I went out, I did some exercises to tone up my back and chest muscles, as well as the flab that has accumulated under my arms. I used the dumbbells we have, without any weights, and realised how much tone and strength I have lost since I stopped going to the gym, as I could hardly move the weight before my arms were hurting and I was puffing.

Base Layer and Leggins

I have a lovely, stretchy base layer top, with long sleeves and I decided I would see if that still fitted me. This was with the idea of keeping my arms separate from my body in my clothes, so that my arms would not rub against the fat under my arms. To my surprise, it still fitted me, although it is a very snug fit. I found that, as I was walking along and swinging my arms, that this “well-fitting” top started to ride up over my stomach. This was combined with my “well-fitting” walking leggings that kept riding downwards, so I spent most of the walk with a rather cold, exposed stomach area.

Yes, my clothes were reminding me that I have out on weight, as both of these items fitted perfectly when I bought them last year!

Husband Approval

All this walking does seem to be paying off and the results are starting to be noticeable, even after a week. My husband commented on my shapely legs and observed that my stomach seemed flatter and my bottom looked more toned – and he approved! So that is a good thing and an excellent incentive to keep going!


Greg had been trying to ring a man a tyre replacement place to book his car in to get the tyres changes, but he could not get hold of him by phone, so he asked me to walk down to the place and see if I could speak to the man in person. This was in Kettlebrook, which is just over a mile away from our house. I did this, only to get there and find the man was not there as he had had an altercation with a lawnmower and damaged his hands! Not much good for changing tyres.

By the time I got back I had already walked more than 8 miles for the day!

Further Walking for Greg’s Steps

Greg is also monitoring his activity levels and has two main goals for each day. These are to walk more than 10,000 steps and to cover more than 5 miles. In order to help him to achieve his goal for the day, we had another walk.

We went around the Stationfields again.

With additional moving around, I clocked up 12.45 miles today and 29,138 steps, so my little leggies are a bit tired!


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#walk1000miles Challenge Day 4

Around Tamworth

I got on the scales this morning before I went out and nearly had kittens!

My weight has soared back up to 15st 7lbs (217 lbs/ 98kg), which considering that the lowest point I reached was 12st 12 lbs (180 lbs/ 81kg), that is quite a substantial weight gain. I know I have been stressed over a lot of things over the last year, but I had not realised things had got quite so out of hand.

So it looks as if walking really is going to play a big part in my life. I also need to really cut back on my eating, especially junk food and chocolate (groan!!). When I lost weight before, the things that made a big difference were:

1) writing down everything I eat
2) having smaller portions and eating slower
3) not eating late in the evenings
4) cutting out snacking

So, I need to take this in hand.

I worked out that, if I lost 7lbs (half a stone/ about 3kg) every month until the end of the year, that would be a weight reduction of about 3 stone (42lbs/ 19kg ) by the end of the year. That needs to be my goal, if I am planning on walking up mountains.

Today, I walked up the hill out of Tamworth, towards Rawlett School and turned towards Coton Green, with a view to walking down the hill to the Fox Pub and back in a circular route.

You can see Hopwas Woods in the distance, so I thibk I might go up there again tomorrow.

When I got to the bottom, there was a path that went through the houses, so I followed that and it actually cut off quite a lot of my route. I found myself walking under power lines and felt a bit disoriented with the buzzing of the power lines directly above me.

This is the area where the main rail tracks run through Tamworth and you can see Tamworth’s famous blocks of flats in the distance.

It ended up being a shorter walk today, as, surprisingly it was only about 4 miles in total.

I have found that my skin is rubbing under my arms and on my sides. I know this is one area where I have really gained weight, so I need to start to do some exercises for those muscles. I shall try some Chest Press type exercises and Upright Rowing type exercises to see if that helps.

I have managed to do a few extra steps with just moving around. Perhaps that is the perpetual “Tea and Pee” cycle, where I make a cup of tea, then need a pee, then repeat the cycle.

Today I walked 6.23 miles in total.

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Inspiration Card of the Day – TRUST

This is a very appropriate card for me today.

I am looking at new opportunities and not sure whether they are right for me or not, largely because I have done something similar in the past and have gathered up a few negative perceptions and ideas.

Maybe that needs to be the focus of today’s walk. Let Go, open up to new opportunities and TRUST that the right thing will unfold for me.

Inspiration Card Trust by Gregory Goldston


Doorway to St Magnus Cathedral, Kirkwall in the Orkney Islands, Scotland. This catheral was founded in 1137 is 877 years old

Card Meaning

New opportunities around you and new doors are opening. Whilst you may not be able to see what is on the other side, trust your heart, take that leap of faith, be willing to let go of the old, accept the changes and move forward to a new and exciting place.

Trust in yourself and the intuitive wisdom that you are receiving. Trust in your heart and know that the steps you are being guide to take are the right ones for you and for your highest good.

Listen to those intuitive promptings and to that quiet inner voice and to the feelings in your gut and your heart. Trust that your Higher Self knows exactly the right steps for you to take. Check in with your heart that this decision feels to be the right one – and then take action.

Sometimes you can plan something so far and then it requires a leap of faith and a willingness to trust in the Universe and yourself that everything will turn out for the best.

Greg Goldston
Inspirational Photographer


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Walk1000miles Challenge Day 3

Fazeley Canals #walk1000miles

In Tamworth there is a little lake outside the Snowdome building, which extends towards the Retail Park. I have only ever previously noticed it when it has been flooded. Despite living in Tamworth for 12 years, I had never walked around it, so I decided I would do that today and then continue along the cycle path to Fazeley. There is a canal and a marina at Fazeley, so I decided to explore this area.

I was really surprised at the amount of wildlife around the lake. Many of the ducks and birds were really tame. As I walked along I saw a Swan family with some baby cygnets. When the parents saw me, they steered the little ones over to the bank, almost as if they were proudly showing me their lovely family.

I tried to apply some of Greg’s photography tips for taking pictures which were:
1) Look at things from a different perspective. Hold the camera horizontally, as well as vertically and see what different shots you can get when you look up at and down onto things.
2) Make sure that you have a comfortable stance when you take a photograph. Breathe deeply, so you are relaxed when you take a photo. I found that my photos are actually better when I am both looking at my subject, but also have my whole body pointing in the same direction, so I am not twisted.

I took some interesting photos yesterday where I had half the picture sharply in focus and half of it blurred. We have not figured out how I managed to do that!

I walked down to Fazeley and picked up the canal path, although it did not go where I thought it went. There are actually two canals in Fazeley and I did manage to get myself on the right one, going the right way back towards Tamworth.

It was a five mile route in total.

I am getting a new phone next week, so I shall be very glad to have one that has maps and GPS on it, as I am doing a lot of guesswork with routes at the moment.

I came home to a plateful of yummy, gorgeous, chocolate brownie that my daughter had made. I find it very hard to resist, so I have probably put back on all the calories I walked off during my walk. Hmm, I don’t think that is quite the idea behind the walking!

I am starting to feel calmer in myself. I feel less angry and more accepting of myself and my choices that have brought me to my current life situation. I am starting to feel more open to new ideas and less negative about previous working experiences.

I am taking deep breaths as I am walking along and trying to really swing my arms, not only to make sure the Garmin tracker properly registers the steps, but also to get more of my muscles moving in my body.

In total today, I walked 8.01 miles.

Have an awesome day.

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