#1000mile walk challenge Day 2

Hopwas Woods

I decided that I would like to try some different walks for this challenge, partly because it gives variety to what I am writing on my blog, but also because it might help with some “FRESH” Thinking. I would also like to try to reach places without using the car at all, which means I am going to have to stretch myself further than I have done previously.

Today, I walked from Tamworth Town Centre to Hopwas, on the way to Lichfield. It is 2 and ½ miles to the Tame Otter pub in Hopwas.

I then walked up the hill to St Chad’s Church. This is one of the oldest churches in Tamworth, being consecrated in 1879.

It is a very pretty building. Over the years we have attended many functions in there, as our daughter, Jacqueline, was part of both Hopwas Brownies and Hopwas Guides. St Chad’s Church has always been very involved in the community and has been a great supporter of activities for young people.

As Greg, my husband, had been teaching me about photography, I thought I would practise some of my new found skills and take lots of different photos from different angles and perspectives. I need to get myself a camera with a front facing lens because my trusty GE video camera (that was a prize from a competition on Sixty Plus Surfers Website) does not have the capacity to take selfie shots! Or, if it does, I have not yet figured out how to use that function!

I walked down through the woods and along the canal in front of a disused quarry and along to a Bridge, where I was able to cross over and walk back to the Tame Otter Pub at Hopwas.

I walked back to Tamworth Town Centre. In total this was a 7 mile walk and over 17,000 steps. This is not including the rest of the steps and miles that I might do during the rest of the day.

My legs and my bottom were really aching when I got back and I was very glad to take off my trusty leather walking boots as my feet were beginning to hurt.

So that was the physical journey.

As I was walking along, I began to ask myself, “Why am I really doing this Challenge and what can I make it mean for me?” Apart from losing weight and getting fitter, what do I really want to accomplish?”

Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Journey

Walking for Healing and Releasing Blocks (especially money)

Yes, my aim is to use my walking as a way of releasing off all the old emotional baggage that seems to be blocking money from flowing into my life. I want to use it as a way of opening up new creativity and ideas and to create a more nourishing mind-body connection than I currently have. I want to get physical, mental and emotional toxins to clear out of every layer, including down to the cellular level.

What stops money flowing into my life?

According to some personal development material I have been reading recently, money can be blocked by holding onto old negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs about myself and others. Some of these emotions might be things like anger, jealousy and resentment, or things like shame, blame or guilt. There might be some fears mixed in there and maybe somewhere, deep down, the judgement that money is bad or that I am not worthy to receive it, so just enough comes into my life, but not enough to live the life of my dreams.

I have come to the decision that I am truly sick of carrying all this negativity around with me. It all needs to go, so I can open myself up to receiving new and good stuff, especially money, into my life.

Street Healing

As I walked past shops and businesses today, I thought about my experiences with those companies and the people that run them. Far from wishing them abundance and prosperity, I found myself recalling negative experiences and reasons why I did not like those people and the things that had gone wrong in the business relationship, which were a mixture of my “fault” and their “fault.” Some of these incidents were more than 10 years old!!!

Why was I still holding onto this stuff???? It is all long gone! Why I am still giving it space in my mind, body and energy field? Why am I still holding onto in my cells in my body? No wonder there is no space for me and my current dreams in there!!!

I began to repeat a forgiveness prayer called Ho’o’po’o’pono, which consists of only four lines:
I am Sorry
Please Forgive Me
Thank You
I Love You

As I chanted, I imagined the negativity leaving my body through my feet. I imagined that the Earth was taking all this negativity and dissolving it. As I breathed in, I imagined my body filling up with energy and power. I actually began to feel physically lighter.

So, by the time I have walked 1000 miles over the next 6 months, I should be physically fitter and emotionally lighter!

In total, I covered 9.43 miles today.

Have a sparkling, pleasure-filled day.

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