4 Lessons on How to Change Direction in Life

4 Lessons on How to Change Direction in Life

A guest blog post written by Robert Reeve

You might wake up one morning and felt stuck in a rut. When you start closing in on the later parts of your life, it is easy to start feeling like life has gone by and you aren’t sure if you are heading in the right direction.

Things like children moving from home and looming retirement – it can all make you feel a bit uncertain and even afraid. But you don’t need to think your life is over. In fact, changing direction later in your life is not only possible, but it can also be extremely rewarding, and more people are doing it as they reach their late 40’s and early 50’s, with some doing it when they’re even older.

So, what are some of the life lessons you should know about changing direction in life at an older age?

Over-thinking Won’t Get You Anymore

Change isn’t easy and it most likely won’t ever be just plain sailing. You might have a few tumbles and you may want to go back to your normal routines after a while. But you can’t know what good might come out of it if you don’t just do it.

Hundreds of things might happen when you change your job or even if you move to a new house! Over-thinking about all the possibilities will just paralyse you and keep you from doing it. Instead, try to learn to get go.

You Have the Control

When you are faced with big life changes, like children moving out, it’s easy to think that life is moving too fast and you have no control. But you do have control over your own everyday actions!

Don’t be afraid to just look at what you want and doing it. You can’t know what happens the next day, but you can decide what you do today.

There is a great saying by Gandhi that goes like this: “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

Trust Yourself

It might sound like a cheesy, obvious statement, but as you get older, you do gain experience and a better understanding of yourself. If your heart is telling you that it yearns for more adventure, don’t deny the right just because you have previously been the kind of person that settles for comfort.

Trust your own inner voice, remain confident, and have faith in your ability to know what you want from life. Try out different things in smaller steps. If you feel like quitting your job and earning money by painting, just try it first and if you love waking up to paint each day, just step into the unknown!

Do What Makes You Happy

You should definitely stop doing things just out of responsibility. If you don’t wake up to work feeling happy, try to think what makes you feel sad? If you do feel a lot happier working around in the garden, start thinking about whether you can earn a living with your passion.

Don’t do things only because that’s expected of you. As long as you feel happy, the change will happen.

Sometimes you can the best way to change direction in life is by starting slowly. Once you do, you’ll feel amazing afterwards! Be brave and be happy!

Written by Robert Reeve for Reader’s Digest

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