About Amanda

I graduated from The University of Salford in 1989 with a BA (Hons) in Modern Languages. Whilst at University I started in a telesales position to fund myself. Sales seemed a natural choice of career.

I worked in various positions as a self-employed sales person in industries as diverse as encyclopaedias, driveways, booklet advertising and ended up as one of the top sales reps in a national window and conservatory company where I worked for 6 ½ years.

I went back to this industry in 2013 and sold over £600,000 of business in a 12 month period.

From my early 20s I have read and studied widely in the fields of personal development, sales and using the mind to create success. I have also worked with cards to identify limiting beliefs to success and then a variety of techniques, including energy healing to clear them.

I have always been searching for the easiest way to create my DreamLife and help others to do the same

I created my first two audio relaxations in 2003. These were “Clear Limiting Beliefs” and “Creative Problem Solver” which have been transforming lives ever since.

The missing piece to the puzzle

I have read a lot of Law of Attraction and Personal Development material over the years and I could never work out why I could sometimes manifest my desires easily and almost effortlessly and at other times, I would try every technique in the book and not make any progress with it.

I was the person that nobody else’s material worked for!

The Transformative Power of Female Orgasm

In February  2014 I was listening to a series of interviews about women stepping into their personal power by really tapping into the uniquely female energies, especially, but not limited to the female orgasm, in their bodies and harnessing them to create success in their lives.

I started to make PLEASURE a PRIORITY in every area of my life, including the immense amounts of pleasure my physical body could give me.

From there, I started to notice, that when I was able to harness these powerful energies in my body, my sales went up and so did my income. Actually, the number of sales did not really increase, but I found I was earning more money from each individual sale, working less hours and covering fewer appointments. I was feeling so much better and so much more alive and that was obviously reflected in my energy and everything about me

Interestingly, during periods when I have not cultivated this energy, I have lacked passion, gone through the motions – where it was more of a chore than an adventure – and I felt stressed and burned out.

Everything then became hard work again. I was having to put more effort into getting less results.

I have noticed this is a pattern I have run throughout my life. The more I have been able to connect to these shiny, orgasmic, life-force energies the easier everything has flowed for me.

It took a while to make the connections, however once I did, I finally understood what Napoleon Hill was referring to in his book “Think and Grow Rich” (1937) when he refers to the Energy of Sex: Transmutation as one of the key steps to creating wealth.

Helping Women tap into their own Energy Powerhouse

It has now become my passion in life to enable other women to make pleasure a priority and to connect to their own orgasmic energies on demand, in order to experience quantum leaps in their business and their wealth.

I have now been able to create a unique system to help other women to harness the immense power of their own female energies for a variety of purposes including:

Increasing sales and business
Working less and earning much more
Improved charisma and personal magnetism
Vibrant health, including glowing skin and shining hair
Enhanced Intuition
Flow of Creative ideas for projects and problem solving
Dramatically increased Self-Worth
Better Personal Relationships
And the list goes on….

I have a unique blend of tangible, practical sales and business skills, as well intuitive, creative and energy healing abilities to enable you to make Quantum Leaps in your Wealth, Health and Happiness.

Me as a Person

I am based in the Midlands, UK.
I am happily married to my friend and soulmate, Greg, of 26 years and we have two wonderful daughters. Greg is an amazing inspirational photographer.

I love walking, especially in mountains and I adore Switzerland – which is famed for its chocolate and cakes.

I am a big ban of freshly brewed lattes and a a large pot of tea (although not necessarily together)  especially if both come with copious quantities of chocolate.

I grew up in the South West of Enland where everything comes with “a gurt dollop of Clotted Cream” and yes, I can eat it straight out of the tub!

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