Are you ready for an amazing Abundance adventure?

There’s a new program that launched on Friday  15th January – The Abundant Mystic: 21-Days to TRUE Prosperity — that will literally transform your relationship with money and abundance — and it won’t cost you a cent!

It’s a 21-day teleseminar series featuring amazing Abundance Experts like: Marci Shimoff and Marie Diamond from the Secret, Marc Allen, Guy Finley, Sonia Choquette and many, many more. Twenty-one Prosperity Pros to be exact!

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Abundant Mystic FREE Teleseminars


And it truly won’t cost you a penny.

I have just finished listening to the 2nd one, which was with Guy Finley. I really enjoyed his practical, no-nonsense approach and the idea that we are all perfect beings just as we are. True abundance really does come from within.

What a refreshing change on the usual perspective on abundance!

Just enter your name and email into the form at the top of the page and you’ll get access to the daily recordings that started  on Friday, January 15th.

And in case you didn’t already know it, the program launch date was specifically chosen because it’s an astrologically auspicious day to create new intentions and make big changes in your life — like shifting your relationship with prosperity into high gear!

On January 15th, there was the first New Moon of the year AND the decade (great for new beginnings), there was a Solar Eclipse (good financially) and Mercury went direct (improving all forms of communication).

The stars are definitely lining up to help you turn up the volume on your abundance.

So if you’ve ever wanted to change your beliefs or relationship to money and abundance, NOW is the time and THIS is the program!

With abundant blessings.

Amanda Goldston

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I am Amanda Sparkle and I am on a journey to Create My Dream Life by getting the inner and outer in alignment, so that life flows easily. I am happily married to Greg and have 2 daughters. We are UK based. I love walking and mountains, especially Switzerland. I grew up in North Devon, In the South West of England and I am a bit fan of clotted cream, chocolate and fudge.
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