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I am Amanda Sparkle and I am on a journey to Create My Dream Life by getting the inner and outer in alignment, so that life flows easily. I am happily married to Greg and have 2 daughters. We are UK based. Author of the forthcoming book “Unleash the Lioness Within – Harness the Power of the Female Orgasm to Magnetize Money in Business"

Direction – Inspiration Card of the Day

As you set off on your journey, you are likely to encounter obstacles and challenges. Take them as they come. Take the time to think each one thorough as you encounter it and take appropriate action. Continue reading

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Windswept Walk over HardKnott Pass

Pleasure Walking – Snow and Mountains I have just spent a few days in the Lake District in Cumbria and it was really gorgeous. Greg and I went for a drive and a walk over Hardknott Pass, the top of … Continue reading

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My Top 3 Bucket List

Jungfrau Mountain Railway and Lindt Chocolate Factory I love Switzerland and mountains. I would love to travel through Switzerland, along the Rhine Valley Gorge and down through the mountain passes from Chur to Zermatt on the Glacier Express and then up … Continue reading

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How a £1 bag of Nuts brought Untold Pleasure!

Red Squirrels at Formby, Lancashire We went to Formby Point in Lancashire to see the Red Squirrels. This is one of the very few places in the country that you can see Red Squirrels “in the wild.” There is large … Continue reading

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Pleasure Tip for 15th January 2015

#Pleasure – Ask yourself – “How could I enjoy PLEASURE at WORK today?” Yes, you can have pleasure at work – when you look for it!   This is even in situations that seem like they give you the least possible … Continue reading

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One of the biggest changes in my life over the last 12 months, has been making PLEASURE and FUN a priority in my life. As such I have started to create daily PLEASURE tips. Here is the first one – … Continue reading

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From Limiting Beliefs to The Orgasmic Business Coach

Teachers of Success Creation often tell us that we really need to “see and feel” our intentions as if they were real – right now! I have found from experience that has worked to a point. I still struggled to work out why sometimes I could manifest my desires with ease and other times they remained illusive.

I have found that when you can go beyond “feeling” your goals to be real and you connect with them in your body, in a way that feels sexy, attractive and really sexual, then you are tapping into the biggest driving force we have – the desire for sex expression! Continue reading

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Fantastic Webinar

We had a great webinar. Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed. You can listen to the replay here: “Earn Over £100,000 ($100,000) a year, doing what you love, with a balanced life and having fun” Earn More Money, … Continue reading

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Register for FREE Webinar “Earn Over £100,000 a year, doing what you love, with a balanced life and having fun”

“Earn Over £100,000 ($100,000) a year, doing what you love, with a balanced life and having fun” Continue reading

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History and Heritage Walk

Yesterday, Sunday 17th August, we went for a walk starting at the Old Furnaces at Moira, Leicestershire, and walked along the canal, past Conkers, and through the wood of the National Forest. Continue reading

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