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I am Amanda Sparkle and I am on a journey to Create My Dream Life by getting the inner and outer in alignment, so that life flows easily. I am happily married to Greg and have 2 daughters. We are UK based.

Fabulous Holiday in Laax, Switzerland

Greg and I have just come back from a fabulous holiday in Laax, Switzerland Continue reading

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Inspiration Card of the Week – DIRECTION

Decide where you want to go, make your plans, take control of the action steps that You need to take and set off in the direction of your dreams. Take one step at a time and the path will unfold for you. There is a lot of energy in moving forward. Continue reading

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Exciting New Directions

I have recently made the decision to go back to my career that I had 10 years ago before we moved to the West Midlands.

I am working for Anglian Home Improvements as a “Home Transformation” Sales Agent – and I am loving every minute of it! Continue reading

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Full Moon Rituals

I have been using some very powerful rituals and meditations to help me with clearing, especially old beliefs, thoughts, patterns and habits around money. It really is time to let go of the patterns of lack, not enough, pain, struggle, effort and difficulty around money. Continue reading

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Conquering the Old Man of Coniston

My body certainly felt much stronger at the top that it did at the bottom, despite climbing over 2000 feet (700m) and more that 2 miles, almost straight right up! Continue reading

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Finding My Bliss

I have been very inspired to start writing again and especially to “Be in my Bliss” and to Follow my Bliss as Joseph Campbell would say. Continue reading

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“You were born a healer”

“You were born a healer” Teacher and healer Chunyi Lin believes you possess the innate ability to help heal your own sickness and disease—and to help heal your loved ones—using nothing more than your own natural energy. It may sound … Continue reading

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Tamworth is NOT the “Fat Capital” of the UK

Tamworth is NOT the “Fat Capital” of the UK

In the last couple of weeks, Tamworth in Staffordshire, where I live has been branded at the “Fat Capital” of the UK by several major newspapers.

This is very unkind. Continue reading

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Another 3lb off !

Another 3lb off ! Today was weigh day at the gym and I have lost another 1.9kg / 3lb. That is 6.2 kg / just under 14 lbs since 2nd January 2013. I am really pleased with that because that … Continue reading

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Visualize Your Weight Loss Success

You can also visualise yourself fitting into clothes that are a “little bit” tight as a short term goal and into clothes that are “very” tight as a longer term goal and Ideal. Continue reading

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