Breaking the Cycle

Richard Wilkins of Ministry of Inspiration is a UK based Inspirational Speaker and a truly amazing human being. In the 1980s he had a very successful property company and was living the “millionaire lifestyle” with a mansion, fleet of Ferraris and all the trappings of success. Overnight he lost it all, including his wife and family.

In his darkest hour, as he was contemplating taking his own life, he recalled a conversation he had overheard where someone had said “Paul will get there one day.”

Getting There

He started to wonder where “there” was, as everyone he knew seemed to “almost there” or “nearly there.” He himself had been “nearly there” but had never been happy.

What he realised what that “there” is not somewhere outside or a distant place. It is, in fact, right here and now, right in this moment. Most people take actions or buy things in order to feel good and it is frequently said that “money does not buy happiness” or that the accumulation if external stuff rarely brings the good feelings that we hope it will bring us. That is because the feelings come from inside of us and are not attached to anything external.

This revelation changed his life.

Choose Your Life

The next part of his talk made a huge difference for me. It is often said we all have the ability to choose how we feel and what we do and how we live our lives. I usually cringe when I hear (often very rich and successful) personal development gurus say that because I think to myself, “Yes, it is alright for you, but, my life stinks. It is not what I would choose, but I don’t seem to be able to change it!”

In an ideal world, we would all choose to be happy, successful, healthy, with great relationships and friendships and living a wonderful life. I had certainly found I was not choosing an amazing life. So, why not? Why have I created such a crap life for ,myself? Sometimes I really detest this idea of I am responsible of everything that comes into my life!

The answer is very simple.

Who is choosing – Me or the Script?

If I am experiencing something that I would not ideally choose, then that is not who I truly am – it is me reading from The SCRIPT!

What is the Script?

The script is the complete set of beliefs, actions, expected behaviours, cultural ideas and societal rules that we were handed as a child and which has merely grown with us over time. It contains all the ideas such as “life should be a struggle” or “money does not grow on trees” and all these things which govern our behaviours and or reactions to situations.

For me it contained things like “when you have financial challenges, you should feel sad and depressed and struggle to solve the problem” or “money will run out in the first few days of the month and then you struggle” or “problems get solved by efforting, not by intuition.”

The Script is not who you truly are, however many people lives their lives by reading from the conditioned script and think that is who they really are. Then they wonder why they don’t feel good and they don’t know why they don’t feel good.

If you find yourself doing something or experiencing something, that does not feel good, then ask yourself, “Is this something I would choose – if I could choose?” and if not, ask yourself, “Is this me that is choosing or is the Script that is choosing and I am just reading off the Script?”

It is an incredibly powerful thing to do.

Richard Wilkins is of the opinion that you cannot change, eliminate or even re-write the script. This makes a lot of sense to me, as I have attempted to do this for years with various personal development programmes. I have made changes, but they have never lasted.

Going Beyond the Script

What you can do, however, is go beyond the script. Awareness is the key to this. When you become aware that you are operating or reacting from with the script, you can then pause and ask yourself “who is choosing?” In that moment, you can take over the choosing from a place of higher energy, higher vibration and higher consciousness. You are not fighting the script, you are accepting it for what it is and then going beyond it.

Who you are is who you choose to be. It is not the script that you have carried with you all your life.

As I started to think about this and apply it to my financial situation, I began to feel so much lighter. I have been running the patterns of how someone is supposed to react in a life of struggle!

This also comes back to the questions that Kristin Morelli asked me “Who would I be without struggle?” – The beautiful, magnificent, shining, marvellous, infinite spirit being by the name of Amanda Goldston – and “what am I trying to avoid feeling by staying in struggle?” – well, that is feelings of love, joy, peace, well-being and abundance.

Actually, it probably states in my script that I should not feel those fantastic feelings, especially when I am struggling with money and I certainly should not trust the Universe to provide for me!

My good friend Ken MacLean and the Guys from the Interview With Spirit show have had a lot to say recently about the power of feelings, especially reaching for good ones. I will talk more about that in the next blog post.

All my internal searching over the last few weeks has been very valuable, as it has given me a lot of insight into the beliefs and patterns contained in my script. It is a great relief to know that I don’t really have to attempt to clear them away (quite a futile task). All I have to do is choose a reaction or a response that makes me feel better than the old, non-serving, habitual patterns.

Richard Wilkins has some terrific free videos on his website. I would highly recommend checking them out.

With abundant blessings.

Amanda Goldston

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