Changing Lives Coaching is officially Launched!

Hi all,

I am now officially launching Changing Lives Coaching.

I have been truly amazed at the breakthroughs my clients have been having over the last few weeks.

I have also been amazed at the heart-felt true PASSIONS that have been squashed into a corner, on the basis of “I’ll do what I really LOVE, when I have made some money and got some more time etc… etc… etc…”

The more PEACE, JOY, LOVE and FUN we can bring into our lives TODAY, the more we can do things that make our heart sing, the more abundance we can attract into our lives.

To book your “Block Busting” Changing Lives Coaching Programme, and Identify and Clear a Major Block to Success in under 2 hours

please check out my website at

Yes, it really can be done!

With abundant blessings.
Amanda Goldston.
Shining Light Abundance Guide

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About Amanda

I am Amanda Sparkle and I am on a journey to Create My Dream Life by getting the inner and outer in alignment, so that life flows easily. I am happily married to Greg and have 2 daughters. We are UK based. I love walking and mountains, especially Switzerland. I grew up in North Devon, In the South West of England and I am a bit fan of clotted cream, chocolate and fudge.
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