I am having a mid-life crisis!

Over the last few days I have had quite a bit of Thinking Time because I have taken my daughter, Jacqueline, to her exams and I have had to sit and wait for her. I have been in an internet-free zone, so I have just had my Ipod (with my relaxation music) and a notepad and pen with me.

I started out by asking myself a couple of questions and I was really surprised at the answers that were coming out.

With a large mug of tea and some relaxation music, sitting by a quiet lake, the questions I asked were the following:


“How can I double my prize winnings with half the effort?”
“How can I double my income with putting in half as much effort?”
and, as a sort of token gesture –

“What wants to emerge?”


The initial ideas were around increasing my energy and BEING Amanda, Happy, Lucky, Sparkle who wins lots of things and attracts things easily and effortlessly, which was all good stuff.

There were a few ideas about re-packaging my products into a complete coaching programme and re-writing the sales, some ideas for product reviews and affiliate promotion for other people, some ideas around my business and products and then the weird stuff started to appear on the page.

I was contemplating the question about increasing my winnings from competitions and wondering where I could find comps that might have fewer entries. Creative comps and those requiring effort tend to attract less entries.

The latest trend seems to be Pinterest and there are a few comps appearing on there. I am not really sure how that works, so that needs to be a learning curve. I was thinking about other creative comps and suddenly my brain went to RECIPE and BAKING comps.

Usually I have got Greg to do these comps because he is the cook in our house and makes some lovely food, especially cakes.

Suddenly there were THREE things on my page that I would like to do or learn to do and I was quite surprised by all of them.

Bizarre Ideas

1) DRAWING, especially pencil sketching. I never considered myself an artist and hated the subject at school, especially as Art was put together with all the academic subjects and cost me my place at the top of the class every single term because it pulled my overall average down so much. Yes, the best Art mark I ever had was 28%!

2)SINGING , especially Power Ballad type songs. This was another shocker because I have shied away from singing since I was 8 years old, when I was singing my heart out (Donkey Riding) and suddenly realised all the class, including the teacher, had stopped and were all laughing at me. I tried some singing on the Singstar recently and got very disheartened when the machine kept telling me that my singing was “awful!”

The third one totally and utterly completely stunned me and I found myself staring in amazement at what I was writing on the page. Most of what came out centred around this third one.

When I told Greg, my husband, his jaw dropped and he stared at me in complete astonishment. He stopped what he was doing and seemed at a complete loss for words and he is someone who is not normally shocked by anything.

3)The third one was BAKING! I am probably the most undomesticated person I know. I do not normally go anywhere near the kitchen, unless it is to make myself a cup of tea (I can manage that one). In a recent conversation about “hazards in the kitchen,” I ranked myself as the highest one, shortly followed by the dog!

The flow of ideas centred around baking shortbread biscuits and scones.

Weirldy, the other thing was cooking variations of scrambled egg – which I always make in a saucepan and not in the microwave.

I tried very hard to shake all this silly nonsense out of my head and it got worse! Then ideas popped into my head for rich cakes based around scone or shortbread mix. I think this is because of the huge amount of comps around at the moment on the theme of “Best of British” or “The Diamond Jubilee” with some very nice prizes, however this desire for baking seemed to be much more than just a way of winning a comp, although I suspect that is part of it.

Manifesting a Kitchen?

Whilst thinking about prizes such as a new range-style cooker, a cooking mixer and even a new kitchen, I then found myself planning a new kitchen in my head! Wait! Whoa! Back up! The Undomesticated Goddess is planning a kitchen???? A room where she actually DESIRES to spend some time??? And she is planning to do Mummy-type things like baking?? Something is really not right here!

Later that same evening I found myself on the kitchen design section of UK DIY (Do it Yourself) website, planning and designing a new kitchen, including carefully inputting all the measurements of our own kitchen.

I did a Pinterest Wishlish of Prizes I would like to win, actually for another comp, and most of the items were kitchen related, including a new kitchen.

Pinterest Wish List

This is really most strange.

As part of the musings, I wondered whether I could have a “Manifest a Kitchen” intention and what that might involve.

The first step that came out was “CLEAN and LOVE your existing kitchen,” so, believe it or not, that is what I found myself doing today.

I really, truly think I am going completely mad!!

So, I suppose the next posts will be pictures of my creations in the kitchen!

Have a great day.
With abundant blessings.
Amanda Goldston

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