I am now officially TERRIFIED

Well, this Cybher conference is certainly bringing up all my issues around self-image, self-worth and fitting in with “the crowd.” And I have to say I am not doing very well at the moment.

After spending some considerable time trying to get my head around BO.LT yesterday, I could not figure out how to find and/ or follow Cybher and I have absolutely no idea how to upload pictures from my husband Greg’s smartphone or Ipad – yes I have shall to be borrowing these for Saturday as my simple, trusty Doro phone does not have any of those capacities.

Last night there was another message on the Cybher page, saying that everything is going to be as paperless as possible, so we need to be able to use a QR Scanner Reader on our Smartphone! Oh, God! Help, please!

We tried to look at it on Greg’s Smartphone and could not get it to work. Goooooood start!

Today, to add further to my feelings of inadequacy and not good enough, there was another post about what everyone is wearing and I nearly had heart failure at the very chic, stylish and very expensive items of clothing that various ladies will be wearing on the day.

Take a Look

This fish is not only out of water, it is now resident on the top of the highest mountain in a dry desert!

All these ladies seem to be confident, sophisiticated, stylish, tech-savvy women with a powerful message and a mission to share that message. It sort of makes me think of “Well, who am I? What have I really got to share and who is going to be interested?”

I was so exicted when the Universe sent me a ticket to this event as a prize (and train tickets as well). I feel sure I will get a lot of value from the content of the speakers and hopefully that will help me to move my blogs forward but I am now really dreading going and trying to hold my own with the geeky, chic-y superwomen that are attending.

At least I have now got to grips with my camera and vidoe camers, so I can at least take photos and videos with it, even if I can’t (yet) send them whizzing into cyberspace, so at least that is a start.

I have had some instruction on use of Greg’s smartphone. I can find the QR reader and point it at the box code thingey, even if it does not work properly.

Next lessons are how to answer said smartphone, should it ring, or better still – how to turn it off completely – and how to answer and/or turn off any texts that might come in. I know those are basic functions but they might save further embarrasment on Saturday.

We are going to look at this BO.LT stuff and also at photo and image taking/processing and sharing software so I might at least have some hope of looking like I know how to work the smartphone and the software on it.

Oh dear, whatever next! I am seriosuly beginning to wonder at the wiseness of this idea of getting out and meeting people!

On Twitter, I met one superwoman blogger that is taking an 8 week old baby to the event! GAWD! Do I really feel inadequate now!

At the moment, not much that I am doing is having any sort of impact on shifting my fear and worry. I have tried allsorts this afternoon – from copious quantities of tea, shortbread biscuits (essential for a crisis), chocolates, fruit (to compensate for all the junk food), meditation (bit stressed to do that properly) and exercise at the bootcamp this evening.

Well, the thing is, I am going to have to go in comfortable clothing and focus more on the content from the day, which is the reason I am going to this event.

Have a wonderful day.
With abundant blessings.
Amanda Goldston

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