Indulgent Weekend

Last week was my youngest daughter’s birthday and we had her birthday party this weekend. Yes, teenagers do still want birthday parties!

It was a glorious day and all her friends sat out on the grass in the garden, talking and laughing, before they went for a couple of rounds of laser tag. I was glad I could stay at home because laser tag is not really my thing.

I had the perfect excuse of needing to make sure that the food, especially the chicken, was properly prepared before the SuperChef (my husband Greg) cooked it all on the barbeque.

I managed that bit OK, although I put the baked potatoes in the bottom of the oven on a low temperature and after 2 hours they were still like bricks!

I turned the barbeque on, as I was instructed to do, at about 5.30pm for it to warm up and be ready for use when Greg and the kids came back from laser tag. I went back out about 10 minutes later to find clouds of some billowing out of the barbeque.

Greg had not told me that I was supposed to light it and then leave it on a low heat, instead of letting it sit in sweltering hot sunshine on full power for 20 minutes!!! Maybe he needs to be clearer in his instructions!!!

Anyway the food from the barbeque, as prepared by the SuperChef was gorgeous. Barbequeiing is definitely a “Man’s” Domain!

What made it even better was that I had seen a comp on Facebook to upload a picture of your barbeque this weekend, which I did, and won some gorgeous cheese from Pilgrims Choice Cheese for my efforts.

Following the delicious savoury food, everyone tucked into the chocolate fountain, which was accompanied by strawberries, bananas, grapes, marshmallows and haribo (I love haribo – it is pure sugar, but it is so yummy and so more-ish!)

Well, this has really not been a brilliant week for the diet, as I have also made Clotted Cream Shortbread and Clotted Cream Scones. Although, to be fair, I did not have anywhere near as much of the chocolate fountain as I would have usually had and when I turned it off, I did not take it upon myself to finish all the chocolate, which I would have done in the past.

We also had a huge triple chocolate cake, although most people did not manage much of that until the next day.

I had my slice on Sunday with my morning latte, as prepared by the SuperChef domesticate husband. OK, I did over-indulge just a little, as this rather large slice of cake was accompanied by ice-cream and clotted cream. I know, this isn’t doing the diet any good at all, but it is so yummy.

I blame it on my Moon Sign, which is sat firmly in Taurus, the sign of a love of good food and material comforts!

After all this food, Jacqueline and her friends watched a film and then decided to clean out the remains of the chocolate fountain at about 11.30pm and then proceeded to go on the “Just Dance” game, presumably to work off some of the millions of calories they had all consumed!

Several of her friends stayed for a “Sleep-Over.” That really is one of life’s great mysteries – why on earth would that phrase have the word “Sleep” in it, when that is the last thing that figures in any plans! They all finally stopped talking and giggling at around 4.30 am on Sunday morning and then all had to be up for 9am for Sunday plans.

Another fantastic weekend!

With abundant blessings.
Amanda Goldston

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