Laughter is the Best Medicine

A few weeks ago, I was feeling quite down because of various things going on in my life – largely a feeling of “lack” and “not enough money,” which I have moaned about on this blog for some time, which is why I have not treated you to another dose of “same old, same old.”

In my meditations I was constantly asking “what do I need to do FEEL better?” and while we are at it, “how can I bring more money into my life?”

The answers were rather surprising. I kept hearing the words “LAUGH” and “LAUGHTER.” – Yeah, right, how am I am supposed to laugh with all the stress going on in my life? There is nothing that I find remotely funny in my life at the moment!

I found myself staring at a book on my bookshelf, which was written by a man called Vishwa Prakash. Ken MacLean and I interviewed him a couple of years ago on the Interview With Spirit Radio Show.

Vishwa’s journey had led him to something called LAUGHTER YOGA.

I had briefly looked into this after the interview and had decided that there was no way that I could get myself to “laugh for no reason” and there was no way I was going to give it a really good try – after all, it might just work and my life might just improve!

However the voice in my meditation was quite insistent! I needed to find a way to start laughing.

I started to research a bit more about this Laughter Yoga and found a couple of places in the UK that run Laughter Clubs and courses, but they were not really near to me and there weren’t any running in the Summer holidays.

I found a couple of videos on Youtube and started to Laugh along with them.

The Science of Laughter Yoga

It is well documented in many circles that Laughter can help with a lot of things, including stress, but I had not realised why this is the case.

Laughter is a very physical process, as you tend to breathe quite deeply. When you laugh, you also physically expel old air from your lungs because you are breathing deeply from your diaphragm. There are a number of exercises that you can do using the sounds of Ho, Ho, Ha, Ha and Hee, Hee and these can stimulate your body, so that real laughter naturally flows off the back of it.

The Yoga part is some very simple breathing and stretching exercises.

What is very interesting is that your body really cannot tell the difference between “fake” or “stimulated” laughter and real laugher. It responds in the same way and gives your whole mind, body and spirit and mental, physical and spiritual workout.

You do not need to have any humour and you do not need to be finding things funny or amusing. I have found that once I have got started, it has been quite hard to stop the flow of laughter and giggles – at nothing!

The hardest part is getting started!

Some interesting benefits

I have found that when I am laughing, I don’t tend to bother eating. Actually when I have stopped laughing and had a snack, especially my favourite bread and jam, I have ended up feeling full up and rather clogged and it has then be quite difficult to get the laughter going again.

All my internal organs seem to be getting a good work out and my digestion has certainly been better.

Winning Prizes

On the days that I have sat here laughing my head off, my energy has been higher, I have felt better and it seems like my attractiveness to winning prizes has been higher. In the space of two weeks, I have son some organic cereal, £20 of shopping vouchers, a chocolate bar, a new Wii and TWO lots of £300 of vouchers to get tickets for sold out events and concerts!

I was particularly pleased with the second one of those because the lady, who sent the winning email, told me they had received the highest number of entries that week because the weather had been sunny and this promotion was on drink, that people would normally have outside in a beer garden!

My husband Greg has instructed me to keep laughing ad has presented me with his WishList of Prizes, including a new ipad and a 3D TV!

There does seem to be something in this Laughter Yoga. I now have to make sure I have to allow myself to laugh and feel happy just FOR THE SAKE OF IT and not start to look for prizes to arrive each time I am laughing because there will come a day when those two things do tie up together.


On days when I have been feeling particularly stressed, I have not been in a good place and I have known that the Laughter Yoga would help to relieve the stress, yet I have managed to avoid doing any Laughing and have subsequently allowed myself to wallow in my depression. Hmm, interesting!

It is almost as if a part of me knew that, whilst I might not be able to get myself to feel sparklingly wonderful, I might feel better enough to deal differently with the idiot people and their incompetent behaviour. It might reduce my desire to smack them on the nose! (And that would never do!)

When will these people learn? I keep telling them – I am part polar bear and part dragon! The rules are very simple – You attack or upset my kids and I will eat you!

I have had some interesting experiences with Laughter Yoga and getting myself to laugh. I will be writing more about this in future blog posts.

That is all for today.
Have a wonderful day.
With abundant blessings.
Amanda Goldston

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