Life Changing Prizes

I have been entering competitions on and off for a couple of years and have won lots of different prizes, however in 2012 I have won some prizes that really could be classed as “life-changing” and have had consequences that have extended far beyond the original prize.

In January I won an Apple MacBook Air in a video competition run by BUPA where you had to say what “healthy means to me.” As I thought this was going to be part of an ongoing advertising campaign, it caused me to really focus on my health and to attack my health and weight goals with renewed vigour.

This had the effect of me losing more weight and toning up more, which enabled me to feel better about myself and my body so that when I won some gorgeous Eider ski clothing from Snow and Rock, I was able to wear a smaller size than I usually would and to have the confidence to wear snug-fitting clothes.

As it turned out the BUPA for Video was used as part of an advert on National TV, but it was only shown once.

The MacBook Air is an Apple product and is now being used by my techie husband to develop Apps, which could lead to a whole new business and stream of income for us. We have several aspects within our current business that could work well as apps, such as Greg’s Inspiration Cards and my Tarot Cards. We may then branch into developing apps for other people. Who knows?

My next health related prize was a pair of Zaggora Hotpants, which are designed to enhance a workout and so increase fat burning and weight loss. From that I have discovered a renewed interest in writing on my blog. As I write this I am eagerly waiting for these to arrive so that I can start using them.

The most recent win was a ticket to Cybher, which is a sold-out conference about blogging presented by successful women bloggers. A couple of the speakers are talking about how to make money from blogs and how to turn my blog into a book, which is another potential avenue for another very enjoyable and potentially profitable source of income.

Cybher 2012

Those four prizes have already changed my life and who knows where that might lead me.

It seems like the Universe seems to know what prizes to send me that are going to be most beneficial to me and to have the most beneficial long-term effect for me.

I am still trying for things such as a bigger TV, an Ipad and a large cash prize and I believe it is only a matter of time before those come into my life – and they may or may not be as WINS. We shall have to see.

With abundant blessings.
Amanda Goldston

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