Manifesting Mishaps and Mistakes

In December I decided I would like to have the fireplace opened up in my study and have either a woodburner or a multifuel stove installed. The reason for this is partly because it would make the room very snug and partly because it is currently a lot cheaper to heat the house by burning wood or smokeless fuel than it is to use electricity or gas central heating from the grid.

I had found some cheap stoves on Amazon and thought I had enough money to buy the stove. I was also desperately hoping to win one and had entered several competitions to try to do that.

I naively believed, or rather hoped, that the chimney would be good enough to use, without needing a steel liner and thought it would a relatively simple job to simply stick the stove in the hole and put a flat baffle plate above, so the fumes would go straight up the chimney.

Having spoken to a chimney sweep, I discovered that he could not assess the state of the chimney unless the chimney was actually properly opened.

My goal

So we started with the first two rules of manifesting:
1) Know what you want – a multi-fuel stove installed and working – Yes, got that bit!

2) Start to take some action towards your goal, so that the Universe can meet you half way and make it possible for your goal to Manifest.

Fine in Theory

Yes, well, that is where Manifesting and Law of Attraction became “FINE IN THEORY.”

On New Year’s Day, my long-suffering husband, Greg, was given the job of opening up the fireplace. His idea was that he might be able to take out enough just enough bricks to assess the state of the fireplace and then, it was not viable, or it was going to cost too much, he could simply brick it all up again.

However, we found we had to work our way through paint, paper, plaster, then nearly 1” of cement and a layer of bricks to get to the fireplace behind. Greg had to really hack at the bricks to get them out and a lot of them fell apart as he tried to move them.

Once the fireplace was opened, there was absolutely no way we could go back.

The opening was huge. It was much bigger than we had expected. The walls at either side of the fireplace curve upwards, so we guessed there must be a lintel somewhere higher up the wall but we could not find it.

This was on 1st January 2012.

It had not occurred to me to book the chimney sweep BEFORE we started and I wanted Greg to be at home when the chimney sweep came, so I had to wait until the following Friday for the chimney sweep.

I picked one of the coldest, most windy weeks to have a huge hole in the wall in my study. It was freezing cold and there was a gale force draught blowing through the house.

Bad News

When the chimney sweep came, the bad news got worse. The mortar in the chimney had disintegrated, so we definitely needed a steel liner; there were a whole host of regulations we needed to think about with buying and installing the stove, so it was not really something we could do ourselves; the fireplace needed a lintel for support as we had not been able to find one in the wall; we could not buy the stove we had selected because it was a cheap import and was likely to fall apart and the wood and smokeless coal is much more expensive than we had first thought.

Ho, hum! My fine plan was rapidly turning sour and the cost had escalated to about 7x (seven) what I had originally thought and budgeted for!

OK, now I need to do some rapid manifesting to bring in the money to pay to get the job done. I am still hoping to win a stove, so that will reduce the costs.

Manifesting attempts

I started to imagine having my stove installed and working, with the flue liner done, the lintel done and all the decoration work put right on the rest of the wall. I even imagined a basket of logs on one side and a basket of coal on the other side.

Sometimes, when I closed my eyes, I could imagine flames in the grate. This was helped along by Greg putting a picture of the flames of a fire, that he had taken in Scotland years ago.

Visualising a Fire

I have to say I struggled with FEELING the warmth from my new stove because the house and the room was so cold.

I was doing a lot of TRUSTING as well.

Despite all this visualising, asking questions as to how I could get the job completed and entering competitions, at the beginning of February 2012, I am still without my stove and still have a gaping hole in my wall.

Cosmic Joke

I have discovered, however, that the Universe does have a sense of humour. I suppose my biggest desire has been to be WARM.

Last week I got an email to say I have won £250 worth of Eider Clothing from
the Snow+Rock shop. Eider make very warm clothes that are designed to be worn in snow sports and in semi-arctic conditions!

So instead of a warm stove, the Universe kindly sends me some warm clothes!

The Cosmic Joke of Warm Clothes

Somehow I think I have got something a bit wrong with the manifesting!

A Half Way House

So, whilst I wait for my stove to appear and the money to get the whole job done, I have invested in a portable heater, powered by a butane gas cylinder. This is really quite an inexpensive way of providing heat and it gives off a lot of warmth.

Once the stove is installed, the gas heater can be moved from room to room, so it is not all bad.

Half Way House of Heat

It might also make it easier to manifest the stove and the rest of the work being done because the heater is closer to the shape of the stove, it has a red glow in the bars when it is on and it gives off a lot of heat, so at least the room feels warm.

Calling all Manifesting Magicians

Master Manifesters and Law of Attraction Specialists – Can somebody please tell me where I have gone wrong with this manifesting exercise?

More importantly, can someone guide me as to how I can get this job finished? Please? All constructive suggestions are welcome!

The total cost including the stove is approximately £2200 ($3500) and that includes £500 ($800) for the stove with all the government approvals.

Any part of this manifestation that can come for free or at very low cost is welcome.

With abundant blessings.
Amanda Goldston

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I am Amanda Sparkle and I am on a journey to Create My Dream Life by getting the inner and outer in alignment, so that life flows easily. I am happily married to Greg and have 2 daughters. We are UK based. I love walking and mountains, especially Switzerland. I grew up in North Devon, In the South West of England and I am a bit fan of clotted cream, chocolate and fudge.
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2 Responses to Manifesting Mishaps and Mistakes

  1. Ricardo says:

    Hello Amanda,
    I would like to ask you, I am in similiar situation than yours, I mean wanting to manifest something and I am getting the opposit, could I get better results listenintg: Ask your angel about money and money and manifesting? or should I practice the Law of Attraction?

  2. Dear Amanda,

    Remember the kid that wanted a red bike for Christmas and all that he could do was think, feel, smell and see it over and over? The Universe helped the parents to receive it most effortlessly for the kid. Do you ever remember a time that was all you can feel for something like this?

    I would take the project right now, get myself grounded and being most sincere, specifically in detail what I want done to complete the project. I am looking for the most economical, effortlessly way, with the most wonderful installer to install my wood stone for the highest good. I will keep seeing the opening as a completed project, feeling the warmth, smelling the change in the air, and saying good by to the installer for the most wonderful work that was done. I would have some pictures of completed projects that I like and keep walking around being excited about the finished project.

    Suddenly I will be getting some sign and I would take up on it and follow it through.

    Yes, the Universe has a sense of humor. You received your warmth! I am seeing you sitting by your new beautiful completed project very happy soon! :)

    Barb Cromwell

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