Orgasm Your Way to Prosperity BOOK and Ebook

My New Book!

Orgasm and Pleasure = Prosperity Beyond Measure

I am truly delighted to announce my new book, which is currently available on amazon kindle as an ebook and also available as a physical book from Amazon.

This book is about the pleasure that comes from the female orgasm and how that power can be harnessed to create prosperity in business.

It's All Connected! Orgasm Your way to Prosperity! by Amanda GoldstonOrgasm Your Way To Prosperity Sample

  • IT’S ALL CONNECTED!!!!! This is how WOMEN’S BRAINS work. Pleasure is connected to emotions and self-worth, which is also connected to feel-good-factor, which is connected to work, to career, to money, as well as a woman’s ability to receive. Tied to this is her desire for connection with other people, as well as contribution to others and vibrant health.
  • You can harness the power of your Orgasm Energy to create success in your business. This includes ENHANCED INTUITION and CREATIVITY, LUCK AND SYNCHRONICITY as well as BECOMING MORE MAGNETIC TO PEOPLE, OPPORTUNITIES AND MONEY
  • When you put YOU and YOUR PLEASURE as NUMBER ONE PRIORITY, then everything flows.

To Order your copy, please head over to Amazon:

Kindle version – £3.34 

Approximately $6 USD

Physical Book – £7.99

Approximately $12 USD

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