Pleasure Tip for 15th January 2015

#Pleasure – Ask yourself – “How could I enjoy PLEASURE at WORK today?”

Yes, you can have pleasure at work – when you look for it!   This is even in situations that seem like they give you the least possible pleasure or dealing with difficult people.

Look for something, however small, that makes you smile and makes you feel good on the inside, even if it is only for a few moments. Even better if you can laugh at it!

The next question you can ask yourself is “How could I enjoy EVEN MORE Pleasure at Work today?”

This is a brilliant question because it pre-supposes that you already have already found at least some pleasure in your work. You are now adding to that pleasure. You are turning up the Pleasure dial if you like.

Have a sparkling, pleasure- filled day.


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One of the biggest changes in my life over the last 12 months, has been making PLEASURE and FUN a priority in my life. As such I have started to create daily PLEASURE tips. Here is the first one – ‪#‎Pleasure‬ Here is the first of my daily Pleasure tips. Make YOU and Your PERSONAL PLEASURE and FUN your Number ONE PRIORITY!

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Do Something you LOVE and feel PASSIONATE about every day – Daily Inspiration

Do Something you LOVE and feel PASSIONATE about every day – Daily Inspiration

I had an interesting dream last night, where I dreamt I was in the house of the comedy duo Laurel and Hardy and they were showing me around. There were accolades and awards on the walls, yet these did not really seem to mean very much. They were accompanied by a shrug of the shoulders.

What is the message?

As I was waking up, I kept asking myself, “What does this mean? What is the message here for me?”

The answer finally came as “Do something you LOVE and feel PASSIONATE about every day” – even if it is something small and even if you only spend a few minutes on it. This might be the case if you day is filled with things that you don’t really enjoy doing.

I sat up in bed, took some really deep breaths, where the energy went up my spine at the back and then down the front, to clear my energy channel.

What makes me FEEL good?

I thought about what makes me feel really good and looked up at the pictures on my bedroom wall, which are from our two trips to Switzerland.

From the top of Cassons 2687m above sea level

Mountain clouds

I felt so alive up on those mountains, my body was full of energy and I had a huge beaming smile on my face every minute of the day. I can recall that energy in my body throughout the day.

What do I LOVE?

Actually writing things that inspire me and sharing that inspiration with others. When I feel uplifted and enthused, then that energy will rub off onto other people that I meet.

Have a wonderful day.

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I Love my Berghaus EXTREM Gore-Tex XCR weatherproof Jacket!

I Love my Berghaus Jacket!

My husband, Greg first bought his Berghaus EXTREM Gore-Tex XCR weatherproof jacket a few years ago, when he started taking stunning landscape photographs outside, in all weathers.

At some point I acquired this jacket and I am so glad I did!

It is the best jacket I have ever had and it keeps me both warm and dry when it is cold and wet and cool, when it is warm.

It has accompanied me on a fair few dog walks in the UK, as well as keeping me very dry in torrential downpours, when I have been outside measuring a porch or fascias and guttering, as part of my job as a sales representative for Anglian Home Improvements, in the “wonderful British weather!”

Recently, it has been put to the test in the February snow in Switzerland and in the July fog in the same area!

In February we went to Laax in Switzerland and went up to Grauberg at 2228, to the café at the bottom of Vorab Glacier at 2670m And to one of my all time favourite spots – the Fil de Cassons at 2675 m above sea level.

I loved it up there, the air was so clear and clean and fresh. I felt completely alive and at one with the world. As we were walking the snow and not skiing or snowboarding, we were rather limited as to what we could do at that time, in terms of exploration.

Not so when we returned in July.

We went up from Nargens and I just had my T-shirt and trousers. When we got to the top with the chilly wind, I was very glad to wrap myself in in warm, snug Berhaus coat and I felt warm in an instant.

This time we walked along the ridge from Cassons, around to Martinsloch and around into the glacier valley, looking up at the UNESCO site of the Tschingelhorner at 2846m.

My Berghaus coat was an invaluable asset, as it kept me warm and dry as we slipped and slid across the so-called path (that had slipped away) down over the side of the mountain ridge. I fell over a few times and I had a soft landing each time on my thick, protective jacket. It caught on the stones and loose shale a few times and never once ripped.

It is also a very comfortable jacket to wear when carrying a backpack, as it sits snug and comfortable around my body.

The following day my Berghaus jacket had to cope with both rain and sunshine, as we walked along the Rhine Gorge through the woods, and some rather thick brambles (when we managed to stray off the well-worn and well-signposted paths!) from Versam to Verlandes. This was a much warmer day and I really appreciated the deep pockets on my Berghaus jacket for my map and my water bottle.

The third day was a bit of a wash-out, with a lot of cold, damp fog – not unlike Britain in the Summer- so I was very glad of my warm jacket when we took the chair lift up to Foppa. We could not see anything, so a large Pflaumentorte (Plum Cake) and Coffee was the order of the day.

Later that day, we took the cable car to Crap Sogn Gion at 2228m above sea level and walked up to Crap Mesegn at 2477m. We walked up above the clouds. It was the most surreal experience as sometimes we could see Crap Sogn Gion below and sometimes we couldn’t. Sometimes we could see Crap Mesegn ahead and sometimes we couldn’t. Sometimes the mountain face of the Vorab Glacier appeared and sometimes it was shrouded in the clouds, fog and mist.

As we got nearer to the top – in July- the wind picked up and it was hailing and snowing! Yes! In July! I could feel the wind and snow against my face, as that was exposed, yet my body was warm and snug in my Berghaus jacket. I was determined to reach the top, even with the steep 100m climb at the end. I was so glad of my Berghaus jacket.

I have to say, in terms of outdoor wear, it has been one of the best investments I have ever made. I am so glad I acquired it from my husband. He is not having it back! He can buy something else for himself!

When we got back to the hotel and hung the coats up to dry, I was surprised at how quickly my Berghaus jacket dried out, even hanging outside on the balcony, in the damp, low mist and fog.

And, of course, we have to use my trust Berghaus jacket for keeping out the torrential downpour of rain, as we wandered around the ancient town of Ilanz, the first town on the Rhine Gorge.

An excellent buy and it has lasted incredibly well for its first 10 years of life. I am looking forward to the next 10 years of adventure walking with my Berghaus jacket.

With abundant blessings.

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Letting Go Is an Act of Artistry by Cynthia James

I received the following message in my email from Cynthia James and I felt very inspired to share it with you. It sums up exactly how I am feeling at the moment, especiaally in relation to work and finances.

I have a lot of questions going through my head as to what I really want to DO with my life, and probably more importantly, who I AM in myself and in the world.

I am finding a lot of inspiration in walking, especially in mountains and on high ground.

Cynthia sums up this whirlwind of feelings perfectly in her article.
Thank you Cynthia.

Letting Go Is an Act of Artistry by Cynthia James

Dearest Amanda,

I am amazed at how many people are in transition and experiencing huge shifts in their lives. People are being called to let go of relationships, jobs, homes, children and financial security. These changes have created great fear, doubt and uncertainty.

As I am in the middle of my own personal transition, I totally get it. I am discovering that this is a time to activate the “artist within”. I teach that we are co-creators with the universe. So, why wouldn’t this shift be a time of creativity and personal artistry? The definition of an artist is one who professes and practices an imaginative art, one who is adept at something. The definition of artistry is the skill and imagination typical of an artist.

We all possess the ability to have great imagination and become skilled in many areas. What if we stopped looking at the challenges ahead of us and looked at the incredible potentiality that stood before us? As I am refocusing my energy and attention, I am using the following thoughts to support my expansion:

1. Inspirations of Joy – Every new thought and opportunity is inspired by a great universal field of unlimited potential and I am joyous as I receive guidance in the form of inspired thinking and feeling.

2. Process not destination – Artistry contains the knowledge that creativity includes seeming chaos and doubt. The gift is to stay in the present moment of creation and witness art evolving from the unknown.

3. Surrender to the flow – Not knowing is a gift. It means that we are in the “void” which is a birthing place for new and expansive ideals and forms. Let go and leap into trust.

4. Beauty exists in all – Out of the stone comes a sculpture, out of paint and canvas comes a masterpiece. Look for the beauty in every thought, word and deed. It is there and is waiting to be birthed into amazing creation.

If I can support you in your shifts, please know that I am here for you and that there are many tools to move into the most powerful time of your life.

Know that you are loved,

Cynthia James

Cynthia James is a transformational specialist and one of today’s brightest and best loved inspirational leaders and teachers guiding people as they make changes at a deep level for lasting healing in their lives. Her program, Advanced Awareness Coaching offers depth, focus and results for high level business leaders. Ms. James has completed two Master’s Degree programs; one in Consciousness Studies from the Holmes Institute where she was awarded the honor of distinguished alumni, and the other in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. She currently serves as Associate Minister at Mile Hi Church in Denver. Cynthia has uniquely combined the creative arts with innovative therapeutic techniques to bring powerful personal growth and expansion to individuals of all ages, cultures, and lifestyles, including facilitating the message of her award winning book, What Will Set You Free worldwide and as a workshop to women in prisons

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What inspires me?

I have just had an amazing holiday in Switzerland and France and I have found a few things that really inspire me- and a few things that definitely don’t inspire me!

I love Laax and I feel so at home, high up in the mountains of the Swiss Alps. It is a beautiful area, the air is clean and fresh and the food is gorgeous. I definitely feel more at home at a height of 1100m (Laax) right up to Cassons at 2635 m above sea level than I do at the 60m that is Tamworth!

Amanda and Greg at the top of Cassons in the Summer

Amanda and Greg at the top of Cassons in the Summer

I love the altitude, the fresh air, the breaktaking scenery and stunning mountains. I have felt hugely refreshed in the spa. Greg and I have been walking together and this is the first thing we have found in the 26 years of our relationship, that we enjoy doing together – that is not football or meditation!

It has inspired us to get out and go for other walks and have even invested in some new walking poles.

I feel so alive, refreshed and rejeuvenated whilst out walking. My physical body feels nourished, my senses feel alert and my mind feels clear and fresh. In addition to that, I am enjoying some lovely scenery. OK, there might be the “odd” coffee and cake and ice-cream as we are going along- maybe!

Amanda smiling in Laax

Amanda smiling in Laax

I love the variation of the walks and the terrain, as well as some of the challenging things that we have done.

I feel inspired to write about my experiences as well as to include some of Greg’s photographs of me and the walks. I look at the pictures and I have this huge grin on my face, where I am enjoying every minute of what I doing and experience. My mind, body and senses are tingling with fun, pleasure, joy and a feeling of total well-being and connection with the moment.

I have also felt inspired to write some more of Greg’s Inspiration Card books and to get his Inspiration Cards ready for being published.

I have come to the conclusion I am a Mountain Girl at heart!

Whilst we were on holiday, we talked about goals and intentions and things we would like to experience. I came to realise that some of my greatest inspiration is spending time with Greg and my family, on holiday, exploring new destinations and savouring new experiences, both in the UK and abroad.

Amanda Looking at mountains in Laax

Amanda Looking at mountains in Laax

Mountains and walking, especially in Switzerland, raise my energy enormously and, as such, have caused me to look at the rest of my life in a whole new way and to become acutely aware of the things that drain my energy and cause me to feel uninspired and lacking energy.

I have set some new intentions for my health, my relationships and spending more time doing the things that inspire me. Whilst on holiday, there were also some interesting lessons in simply “letting go” and allowing things to unfold in their most natural way that, inevitably, turns out for my highest good and turns out better than I expected.

I have found myself using the phrase, “WOW, how does it get any better than that????” a lot and then something even better came along.


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Gymophobics – My biggest support

Gymophobics – My biggest support

I have been a member of Gymophobics in Tamworth now since August 2011 and in that time I have lost over 5 stone (70lbs/30kg) in weight, lost over 50” and dropped 5 dress sizes.

I have kept most of it off.

This has been a bit of an up-and-down process for me. I had my greatest weight and inch loss last year, and then, for various reasons, I stopped going to the gym and stopped following my healthy eating plan, so, guess what, some of the weight went back on.

Interestingly this was only about a stone/ 14lb/6 kg and I still managed to fit into most of my slimline clothes. The period of absence was very stressful for me, with all sorts of stuff going on in my life. I had also started a new job, which interrupted my pattern of going to the gym and meant I was not eating properly like I needed to do.

Back to basics

I started back at Gymophobics in Tamworth at the end of April 2014 and I have already lost ½ stone (7lbs/3kg). I have gone back to the healthy 54321 eating plan, as that is something I am familiar with and has worked for me in the past.

There is also a new eating plan, called the Low Sugar Diet, which is also a healthy eating plan and which focuses on managing the carbohydrate intake.

More than Just a Gym

Gymophobics in Tamworth is so much more than “just a gym.” It is a real community, where everyone is there to support each other and that is both staff and other members.

In addition to the regular 30 minute circuit, Gymophobics also offer extra Matwork to Music classes in the mornings and the evenings and bootcamp classes on 4 afternoons and 2 evenings a week.

I really like those extra classes and I feel much better when I have been to one of them. Some of them can be quite tough, especially the bootcamp sessions, and I know I have worked out, when I have done one of those!

Fun on the “Wobble Machine”

The newest addition is a Vibrating plate exercise machine. This is the funniest and the weirdest experience that there is! All you do is stand on the machine for 10 minutes and it vibrates and wobbles. The idea is that it is breaking down the fat cells. I have certainly noticed where there seems to be the greatest concentration of fat cells that need to be removed.

It then helps with any exercise that I am doing as it is already getting fat moving.

It made me laugh so much the first time I stood on it. I did need to rush to the toilet afterwards, which is apparently very good because it means the fat cells are breaking down.

Due to the nature of my current job, I have not been able to attend as regularly as I would like in the last few months, however I have still lost weight, my clothes fit better, my body feels more toned and I am definitely fitter!

Walking for Fitness

Last weekend we went for a walk to the Dove Valley in Derbyshire. It is a circular walk, of about 6 miles, with a hill in the middle, where the height difference changes by over 100 metres in the space of about ½ mile. We completed this whole walk in 2 and ½ hours – and yes, that did include tea and cake at one end and icecream at the other!
Got to be done!

Goldston walking in the Dovedale Valley

Slimline Amanda Goldston walking in the Dovedale Valley

< The last time Greg and I tried that walk, it took us nearly 3 hours, just to get halfway – in one direction!

Friendly staff – something for everyone

The staff at Gymophobics in Tamworth have so supportive of me at every step of the way. It does not matter how frequently – or infrequently- I get to the gym, I always feel welcome and supported, every step of the way.

The gym caters for every age group and every level of fitness. Everyone is treated as a individual and everyone is made to feel welcome and special.

One of the other things I really love about Gymophobics in Tamworth is that there is no judgement. There is only support and encouragement.

The owner of Tamworth Gymophobics has just taken over the Lichfield branch as well, so if you are local to either and would like to lose some weight and get fitter, pop in for a chat –
Tamworth – Tel: 01827 60056
Lichfield – Tel: 01543 252700

With abundant blessings.

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Inspiration Card of the Week – NATURE!

I have found increasingly that the Inspiration Card of the Week, that I get in my inbox every week, from my beloved husband, Greg Goldston, is more and more apt and appropriate to what is going on in my life.

This week’s card is NATURE.

Here is the text from this card.

“Spend some time in nature on your own. Breathe, walk, take in the beauty and abundance of nature, especially flowers, trees and open spaces. Nature can help to replenish your soul.

Nature is an amazing healer. As you walk through Nature, breathe deeply, allow yourself to connect with the gentle, calming, peaceful energies.

Feel the grass or the path under you feet. Walking in Nature can be a fantastic form of gentle meditation.

Find somewhere quiet to sit down, where you can really appreciate the beauty and the effortless ease of the Nature around you. Allow yourself to absorb the healing energies and quiet, tranquility. Listen to the birds singing and appreciate the abundance that is around you.

If you can find somewhere with greenery and water, that is brilliant. Or just sit out in your garden.

Take the time to slow down and enjoy the wonders of Nature and our glorious Planet Earth. Whatever the weather, Nature is amazing.”

We have been walking in Laax in Switzerland- in all weathers!

I have found so much comfort in the quiet, peace, stillness and wonder of the great outdoors and felt thoroughly restored and nourished.

Yes, we did walk along on the top of the mountain, singing those exact words –
“I am on top of the World” (by the Carpenters).

Greg and Amanda Goldston on top of the world

Greg and Amanda at the top of Crap Mesegne

There is so much to be gained from the majesty of NATURE.

With abundant blessings.

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Inspiration Card of the Week – DIRECTION

Inspiration Card of the Week by Gregory Goldston

Today’s card is DIRECTION


The top of Porlock Hill, Exmoor, Somerset, in the South West of England, UK. This is looking towards Minehead. From this spot you can see for miles across the Moorlands of Exmoor and out towards the waters of the Bristol Channel.

The difference is height from top to bottom is appropriately 1300 feet (or 400metres) over the space of about 2 miles. The gradient is as steep as 1 in 4 in places with hairpin bends.

Card Meaning

Decide where you want to go, make your plans, take control of the action steps that You need to take and set off in the direction of your dreams. Take one step at a time and the path will unfold for you. There is a lot of energy in moving forward.

As you set off on your journey, you are likely to encounter obstacles and challenges. Take as they come. Take the time to think each one thorough as you come it and take appropriate action.

As you are heading in the direction of your goals, there are likely to be warning signs that there could be danger or challenge ahead. Take notice of these and act accordingly.

Most success comes from following the steps, to the sign posts (or even the white lines in the road), one step at a time.

There is a huge amount of energy and power in knowing where you want to go. Set your goal, your intention and your destination and start.

There are also endless ways you can get to the same goal. Pick one route, get started and if you need to make detours around obstacles, those other paths will open up to you.

As you find a direction of where you want, or need to go, remember to enjoy the journey and to appreciate the amazing experiences and people along the way.

See you next week.

With Best Wishes
Greg Goldston
Inspirational Photographer

©Gregory Goldston 2010

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Exciting New Directions

Exciting New Directions

I have recently made the decision to go back to my career that I had 10 years ago before we moved to the West Midlands.

I am working for Anglian Home Improvements as a “Home Transformation” Sales Agent – and I am loving every minute of it!

All my other websites and products are still available for you to enjoy and benefit from.

Anglian offer a bespoke, tailor-made-service of replacement windows, doors, conservatories, driveways, garage doors, fascias, soffits, guttering and rooftrim products, flat roofs, as well as garage conversions , porches and hardwood flooring.

The company is at the forefront of energy efficient windows and doors, with their new Ecogain A+2 rated windows offering savings of up to 30% on your energy bills.

All your old windows and doors can be totally recycled and replaced with stunning new products, that look good, are very secure, save energy and are good for the environment.

Anglian make all their products themselves, from extruding the PVC-u to making th glass units from the finest low-iron sand.

Everything is backed by a 10 year guarantee and 15 years on the sealed glass units, which is a guarantee that is actually worth something, as the company has been in business since 1966!

I am loving this job.

I love helping people to transform their homes, to choose the styles and designs that are perfect for each person and for your home.

Your home is your personal space and it is wonderful to be able to help you to put your own personal stamp on it.

The designs in the glass can be individual and as person as you want them to be – even including your own images or designs.

As Anglian say, “Your Home is your Castle – and Anglian is the White Knight that is Raising the Standard!”

If you know anyone who would like to transform their home with some of the finest, leading-edge, most secure and beautiful home improvements in the UK market place today, then please give me a call or send me an email.

With abundant blessings.
Amanda Goldston

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