#1000mile walk challenge Day 2

Hopwas Woods

I decided that I would like to try some different walks for this challenge, partly because it gives variety to what I am writing on my blog, but also because it might help with some “FRESH” Thinking. I would also like to try to reach places without using the car at all, which means I am going to have to stretch myself further than I have done previously.

Today, I walked from Tamworth Town Centre to Hopwas, on the way to Lichfield. It is 2 and ½ miles to the Tame Otter pub in Hopwas.

I then walked up the hill to St Chad’s Church. This is one of the oldest churches in Tamworth, being consecrated in 1879.

It is a very pretty building. Over the years we have attended many functions in there, as our daughter, Jacqueline, was part of both Hopwas Brownies and Hopwas Guides. St Chad’s Church has always been very involved in the community and has been a great supporter of activities for young people.

As Greg, my husband, had been teaching me about photography, I thought I would practise some of my new found skills and take lots of different photos from different angles and perspectives. I need to get myself a camera with a front facing lens because my trusty GE video camera (that was a prize from a competition on Sixty Plus Surfers Website) does not have the capacity to take selfie shots! Or, if it does, I have not yet figured out how to use that function!

I walked down through the woods and along the canal in front of a disused quarry and along to a Bridge, where I was able to cross over and walk back to the Tame Otter Pub at Hopwas.

I walked back to Tamworth Town Centre. In total this was a 7 mile walk and over 17,000 steps. This is not including the rest of the steps and miles that I might do during the rest of the day.

My legs and my bottom were really aching when I got back and I was very glad to take off my trusty leather walking boots as my feet were beginning to hurt.

So that was the physical journey.

As I was walking along, I began to ask myself, “Why am I really doing this Challenge and what can I make it mean for me?” Apart from losing weight and getting fitter, what do I really want to accomplish?”

Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Journey

Walking for Healing and Releasing Blocks (especially money)

Yes, my aim is to use my walking as a way of releasing off all the old emotional baggage that seems to be blocking money from flowing into my life. I want to use it as a way of opening up new creativity and ideas and to create a more nourishing mind-body connection than I currently have. I want to get physical, mental and emotional toxins to clear out of every layer, including down to the cellular level.

What stops money flowing into my life?

According to some personal development material I have been reading recently, money can be blocked by holding onto old negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs about myself and others. Some of these emotions might be things like anger, jealousy and resentment, or things like shame, blame or guilt. There might be some fears mixed in there and maybe somewhere, deep down, the judgement that money is bad or that I am not worthy to receive it, so just enough comes into my life, but not enough to live the life of my dreams.

I have come to the decision that I am truly sick of carrying all this negativity around with me. It all needs to go, so I can open myself up to receiving new and good stuff, especially money, into my life.

Street Healing

As I walked past shops and businesses today, I thought about my experiences with those companies and the people that run them. Far from wishing them abundance and prosperity, I found myself recalling negative experiences and reasons why I did not like those people and the things that had gone wrong in the business relationship, which were a mixture of my “fault” and their “fault.” Some of these incidents were more than 10 years old!!!

Why was I still holding onto this stuff???? It is all long gone! Why I am still giving it space in my mind, body and energy field? Why am I still holding onto in my cells in my body? No wonder there is no space for me and my current dreams in there!!!

I began to repeat a forgiveness prayer called Ho’o’po’o’pono, which consists of only four lines:
I am Sorry
Please Forgive Me
Thank You
I Love You

As I chanted, I imagined the negativity leaving my body through my feet. I imagined that the Earth was taking all this negativity and dissolving it. As I breathed in, I imagined my body filling up with energy and power. I actually began to feel physically lighter.

So, by the time I have walked 1000 miles over the next 6 months, I should be physically fitter and emotionally lighter!

In total, I covered 9.43 miles today.

Have a sparkling, pleasure-filled day.

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1000 Miles Walk Challenge


I have just come across this challenge to walk 1000 miles during the course of a year and I thought that it is perfect for me.

I am starting it today, 14th June 2015, which, incidentally, was my paternal grandmother’s birthday (Happy Birthday Nanny Ridd), so I am already half way through the year.

This means I need to walk around 40 miles a week, from now until the end of the year, which is just over 6 miles a day.

I think that is actually quite achievable.

I have my Garmin VivoFit on my wrist, which I won from a competition run by wave 105 radio  a couple of months ago. This is brilliant because it tracks my steps and also tells me how many miles I have walked in a day. I have discovered that 13500 steps equates to around 6 miles for me, so that is a great gauge as to what I am doing.

Garmin Prize win from Wave 105 Radio

Garmin Prize win from Wave 105 Radio

So why do I want to do this?

Well, I have put on a bit of weight recently, with doing a lot of sitting and eating and not much moving, so I want and need to shift the extra stones/pounds that I have allowed to take up residence around my stomach and my bottom.

I have been doing a lot of thinking recently as to what I want to do with my life and I would love to spend my days walking in the mountains of Switzerland, and showing other people the wonders of the mountains, so in order to do that, I need to be a lot fitter than I am right now.

I want to go on more walking trips within the UK to explore the beauty of the English countryside, especially mountains, and then share that awesomeness with others.

I also find that walking is a great healer and a great way to release old, negative emotions. I find myself very tearful at the moment, which might be my age or my hormones or some other quirk or nature, so walking 1000 miles might just be a Journey to a whole new, happier me!

Day One – Walk around StationFields in Tamworth

This is right on my doorstep and is about 3 miles as a round trip, although there is a lot of scope to walk much further. I like to walk up and around the top of the first field, from where there are some great views back towards Tamworth.

Tamworth, as a town, was once the ancient capital of Mercia and has a long history going back thousands of years. When I stand on the top of the hill, I often imagine the Knights of Old galloping down over the open fields, and heading towards the castle in Tamworth, which is almost in a straight line.

This is a very pretty area, especially when the fields are awash with crops. There has been talk of building houses here on these fields, which would be a real shame, although I wonder whether anyone from the Council has been down here when it has rained heavily and seen the extent of the flooding in these fields!

I walked around to the fields by the river and then tried to follow the path up to the fields at the top. They were very overgrown. It was gorgeous to see fields of meadow land, with tall grasses and wild flowers but it was very difficult to walk through.

Part Two – Pooley Nature Reserve

When I got back, my husband Greg asked me if I would like to go to Pooley Nature Reserve with him to take some photographs. I thought this would be a great idea, as it would help improve my photography skills and also help me to cover a few more miles.

We did not walk as far as we normally do when we go to Pooley because we were focused more on taking photographs.

It was a fabulous afternoon out, and, by the time I had finished, I had walked over 5 miles in total.

Daily Updates

I shall be keeping track of my daily miles and steps in my Garmin VivFit.

So, the journey of 1000 miles has begun today with the first steps.

According to my tracker, I walked 6.03 miles and 14,205 steps.
With abundant blessings.

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Direction – Inspiration Card of the Day

Choose Your Direction

Direction - Top of Porlock Hill, Exmoor North Devon, ©2015 Gregory Goldston

Direction – Top of Porlock Hill, Exmoor North Devon Direction – Top of Porlock Hill, Exmoor North Devon ©2015 Gregory Goldston


The top of Porlock Hill, Exmoor, Somerset, in the South West of England, UK. This is looking towards Minehead. From this spot you can see for miles across the Moorlands of Exmoor and out towards the waters of the Bristol Channel. The scenery is stunning.

I grew up in this part of the world and absolutely love it

The difference is height from top to bottom is appropriately 1300 feet (or 400metres) over the space of about 2 miles. The gradient is as steep as 1 in 4 in places with hairpin bends. There have been a few burnt out brakes by the time vehicles get to the bottom and a few speeding vehicles has made use of the conveniently located emergency stopping places on the way down!

Yes, I have seen cyclists coming UP the hill and have had to admire their endurance and calf muscles!

One of the best parts of this hill has to be the ice-cream van conveniently located about half way up, that sells some of the most yummiest, locally made ice-cream known to womankind (and children).

 Inspiration Card Meaning

Decide where you want to go, make your plans, take control of the action steps that YOU need to take and set off in the direction of your dreams. Take one step at a time and the path will unfold for you. There is a lot of energy in moving forward.

As you set off on your journey, you are likely to encounter obstacles and challenges. Take them as they come. Take the time to think each one thorough as you encounter it and take appropriate action.

Most success comes from following the steps, to the sign posts (or even the white lines in the road), one step at a time.

There is a huge amount of energy and power in knowing where you want to go. Set your goal, your intention and your destination and start.

There are also endless ways you can get to the same goal. Pick one route, get started and if you need to make detours around obstacles, those other paths will open up to you.

As you find a direction of where you want, or need to go, remember to enjoy the journey and to appreciate the amazing experiences and people along the way. Go at a speed that is appropriate for you.

Trust in the process and don’t worry too much about what might be ahead.

Have a fabulous day.

Amanda Goldston
Life Alchemist

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My Top 3 Bucket List

Jungfrau Mountain Railway and Lindt Chocolate Factory

I love Switzerland and mountains. I would love to travel through Switzerland, along the Rhine Valley Gorge and down through the mountain passes from Chur to Zermatt on the Glacier Express and then up on the railway to the top of the Jungfrau.

These photos are part of that train journey along the spectacular Rhine Gorge, near Ilianz

The Rhine Gorge ©2014 Gregory Goldston


The Rhine Gorge ©2014 Gregory Goldston


The Rhine Gorge ©2014 Gregory Goldston

Not only do I want to see the breath-taking views from the Jungfrau,  “The Top of Europe” and breathe the really clean, fresh air, but I also want to go to the Lindt Chocolate factory, conveniently located at 3454m above sea-level at the Jungfraujoch. What a place to put the world’s highest chocolate factory!

Machu Pichu

I have always been fascinated by Machu Pichu and would love to visit there. I would like to hike up to the top, and really experience the changing scenery on the way up to one of the world’s most spectacular and magical places. I am a great believer in past lives and, in meditations, have often seem myself stood on top of the stepped pyramid with the job of channelling the energy from the Universe down into the Earth. I would like to see if the place feels equally as magical in real life.

Grand Canyon

I would love to fly over the Grand Canyon and take in the sheer awesomeness of this amazing natural formation. It always strikes me as a very mystical place. I studied Geography at College and have always been fascinated by landscapes and what they might have looked like millions of years ago.

As these are on my bucket list, I have not yet visited them.  I have visited the Laax area of Switzerland, near the Rhine Gorge, so the images I have on this webpage were taken by my husband Gregory Goldston and I have his full permission to use them in this blog post and competition entry. I do not, as yet, have photos of the other locations, however here’s hoping and wishing!

This post is my competition entry to Win a Trip to see the Northern Lights, with www.transun.co.uk   #TransunLights

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Pleasure Tip for 15th January 2015

#Pleasure – Ask yourself – “How could I enjoy PLEASURE at WORK today?”

Yes, you can have pleasure at work – when you look for it!   This is even in situations that seem like they give you the least possible pleasure or dealing with difficult people.

Look for something, however small, that makes you smile and makes you feel good on the inside, even if it is only for a few moments. Even better if you can laugh at it!

The next question you can ask yourself is “How could I enjoy EVEN MORE Pleasure at Work today?”

This is a brilliant question because it pre-supposes that you already have already found at least some pleasure in your work. You are now adding to that pleasure. You are turning up the Pleasure dial if you like.

Have a sparkling, pleasure- filled day.


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One of the biggest changes in my life over the last 12 months, has been making PLEASURE and FUN a priority in my life. As such I have started to create daily PLEASURE tips. Here is the first one – ‪#‎Pleasure‬ Here is the first of my daily Pleasure tips. Make YOU and Your PERSONAL PLEASURE and FUN your Number ONE PRIORITY!

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From Limiting Beliefs to The Orgasmic Business Coach

The Orgasmic Business Coach

Enabling Women to Harness the Power of their Female Sexual Energies to Create Explosive Success in their Business and Wealth

You may be wondering where this has all come from and how I can transitioned from creating meditation products and clearing limiting beliefs to The Orgasmic Business Coach!!!

I have been creating Inspirational relaxation products and helping people clear limiting beliefs and blocks to success since 2003. My most popular audio has been – and still is – “Clear Limiting Beliefs” and this has been helping people clear blocks to success – whilst they rest- since 2003.

As I have worked with people on clearing limiting beliefs, we have used all manner of processes, from simple questioning to deep energy clearing and healing work. Some processes have worked better than others and some have created more lasting change than others.

The Missing Piece in the Success Creation Puzzle

Through this work, I discovered what I believe to be the “Missing Piece” in Success Creation that is not really talked about in personal development and success circles.

Teachers of Success Creation often tell us that we really need to “see and feel” our intentions as if they were real – right now! I have found from experience that has worked to a point. I still struggled to work out why sometimes I could manifest my desires with ease and other times they remained illusive.

I have found that when you can go beyond “feeling” your goals to be real and you connect with them in your body, in a way that feels sexy, attractive and really sexual, then you are tapping into the biggest driving force we have – the desire for sex expression!

The Energy of Sex: Transmutation

Napoleon Hill talked about it as the 10th Principle to Success in his book “Think and Grow Rich” which was published in the 1930s. It is called the Energy of Sex: Transmutation and is probably the least understood principle.

Through my own personal journey over the last 12 months, I found that when I allowed myself to have more pleasure in my physical body, then my sales skyrocketed. I earned more in less time, with less effort and less stress than I had ever done.

I chose to then make PLEASURE my Number ONE Guiding PRIORITY in all areas of my life.

When you allow your personal magnetism, or sex energy, to shine out into the world, it is the quickest way to pull old, no-longer-serving stuff to the surface to be cleared.

The birth of The Orgasmic Business Coach became the next natural step to really ACCELERATE MASSIVE TRANSFORMATION with my clients.

No room for hiding, time to shine!

I now offer a VIP Power Up Your Orgasm in Business Days and a 90 day total transformation Programme to enable other women to harness your own sexual energies to explode your business growth and income. These are private, personal, 1-2-1 sessions.

Contact me now for a free consultation.



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Fantastic Webinar

We had a great webinar.

Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed.

You can listen to the replay here:

“Earn Over £100,000 ($100,000) a year, doing what you love, with a balanced life and having fun”
Earn More Money, Keep More Money and Clear the Inner Limiting Beliefs Around Money

With abundant blessings.

Amanda Goldston

Author of the forthcoming book
How to Earn Over £100,000 a Year, Doing What You Love,
With a Balanced Life and Having Fun
Earn More Money, Keep More Money and Clear the Inner Limiting Beliefs Around Money

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Register for FREE Webinar “Earn Over £100,000 a year, doing what you love, with a balanced life and having fun”

“Earn Over £100,000 ($100,000) a year, doing what you love, with a balanced life and having fun”

Earn More Money, Keep More Money and Clear the Inner Limiting Beliefs Around Money

Saturday 22nd November 2014 at 7pm GMT (2pm EST)


Provide valuable Results in Advance Content on:

  • What would you really love to do?
  • What is stopping you from living your DreamLife?
  • The 6 Steps to Creating Your Dream Life
  • Money Management Tips to earn more and keep more of what you earn
  • Some common inner money blocks to having more money
  • My simple Process to identify and clear limiting beliefs
  • Two valuable free gifts for Inner and Outer Money Management
  • Live Q and A

You will get most benefit from attending the call live, however, the call will be recorded. You can send in your questions prior to the event.

Enter Your Name and Primary Email

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Amanda Goldston

Author of the Forthcoming Book

“How to earn over £100,000 a year

doing what you love, with a balanced life

and having fun”

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Do Something you LOVE and feel PASSIONATE about every day – Daily Inspiration

Do Something you LOVE and feel PASSIONATE about every day – Daily Inspiration

I had an interesting dream last night, where I dreamt I was in the house of the comedy duo Laurel and Hardy and they were showing me around. There were accolades and awards on the walls, yet these did not really seem to mean very much. They were accompanied by a shrug of the shoulders.

What is the message?

As I was waking up, I kept asking myself, “What does this mean? What is the message here for me?”

The answer finally came as “Do something you LOVE and feel PASSIONATE about every day” – even if it is something small and even if you only spend a few minutes on it. This might be the case if you day is filled with things that you don’t really enjoy doing.

I sat up in bed, took some really deep breaths, where the energy went up my spine at the back and then down the front, to clear my energy channel.

What makes me FEEL good?

I thought about what makes me feel really good and looked up at the pictures on my bedroom wall, which are from our two trips to Switzerland.

From the top of Cassons 2687m above sea level

Mountain clouds

I felt so alive up on those mountains, my body was full of energy and I had a huge beaming smile on my face every minute of the day. I can recall that energy in my body throughout the day.

What do I LOVE?

Actually writing things that inspire me and sharing that inspiration with others. When I feel uplifted and enthused, then that energy will rub off onto other people that I meet.

Have a wonderful day.

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