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Fabulous Day at Cybher

Yesterday, Saturday 12th May 2012, I went to London for the Cyber conference for Women who Blog. It was a fabulous day. Due to a mix up with my train tickets, I ended up buying a ticket at the very … Continue reading

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I am now officially TERRIFIED

Well, this Cybher conference is certainly bringing up all my issues around self-image, self-worth and fitting in with “the crowd.” And I have to say I am not doing very well at the moment. Continue reading

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Technophobe Scary Day

In some ways I am quite tech-savvy and in other ways I am a total scaredy-cat. I have built all my own websites using Dreamweaver, I have (more or less) got to grips with my WordPress for my blogs (although … Continue reading

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Cybher Meet and Greet

I am going to the Cybher Conference for women who blog at the weekend, so here is a little bit about me as a way of Meet and Greet. Name: Amanda Goldston Blogs : Get Your Dream Life and Learn … Continue reading

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Life Changing Prizes

Life Chaning Prizes Continue reading

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