The Power of Energy Vibrations

The Power of Energy Vibrations

Following on from the last post about Clearing the Energies in the home, I have found it is really important to keep my own energies clean and clear and vibrating at the highest possible level that I can.


I am not talking about a hypey, pumped-up, “motivated, “ rah-rah type of energy, In fact I find that quite a turn off. This is about the fundamental energy that is vibrating through the Mind, Body and Soul. Essentially it is the state of BEING and fundamentally who I am – More on this another day.


It is important to understand that we are all made up of energy. Our bodies are 70% water and most of the rest of that is empty space – or energy – if you like. Your core energy is the essence of who you are. It is the life-force that makes You who you are.


As spirit beings in a physical body, we give off an energy that is detectable to others. Some people call this the aura or our personal energy field and it can be captured on film as Kirlian Photography.


That energy field contains all our thoughts, feelings, emotions as well as a blueprint for our health and well-being.


Over time this energy field can become dull and lacklustre, as a result of habits, environment, thoughts, other people’s projections and numerous other things which may or may not belong to us. We will talk about each of these in separate blog posts.


I am sure you people who have an amazing shining energy, where you feel great in their presence and everything seems to go right for them.


I am sure you also know people who seem to have their own personal raincloud, where everything about them is low energy and depression – inevitably these people seem to attract more and more problems.


When you are vibrating at the high levels of Love, Joy, Peace and Well-Being, your energy is high, you feel terrific in all areas of your life and, in addition to that, the likelihood of you manifesting wonderful stuff into your life is quite high.


By the way, Love, Joy, Peace and Abundance are the natural vibrations of who we all are at our core. Everything else comes through learned experiences, habits, thoughts, beliefs and emotions that have been built up over time.


Everything has an energy vibration, including money, a car, a home, a flower, a holiday destination, people and other wonderful things. On the other side negative people, problems, debt, poor health, fear or anger based situations and disasters also have an energy vibration, which is likely to feel very different from positive and wonderful stuff.


I have noticed in my own life, that the higher my energy is, the easier life seems to “flow” for me such as the day I won an Ipad in an online competition.


The days when I have allowed my energy to really drop are the days when nothing works, such as the day I put Unleaded Petrol in my husband’s Diesel car and generated a big bill for us to have the tank drained- at a time when cash was tight anyway!


I was once told by an energy healer that the best protection for my home is to have a high vibration energy around it because it is then way above the energy level that burglars and thieves are operating at, so they won’t even be aware of my home! There’s food for thought!


The same applies to negative people and situations in your life. If your energy is much higher than theirs, they will fade away from your space because the energies are incompatible.


For an optimum life, it is very important that our energy field is bright and clean and vibrating at the highest possible level. That is our “NATURAL SHINE” if you like.


This is all to do with the personal energy and the good news is that you can change it for yourself.


Over the next few days we will be discussing ways in which you can clear your personal energy field, distinguish which energies are actually yours and which have come from other people (consciously or unconsciously) and talk about the subject of energy –or psychic – protection.  We will be looking at your Chakra system and ways that you can raise your own energetic vibration.


With abundant blessings.

Amanda Goldston

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