The Power of YES

We have had an interesting year- to say the least. We have lurched from one financial challenge to another and seemed to have attracted people wanting to attack or destroy us or situations where we have put a lot of effort into something for nothing in way of return.

In the case of finances, they have been probably the lowest they have ever been, yet somehow we have survived all year on little more than fresh air. Life has come down to an existence level, financially, and this has led to a dropping away of things and stuff that really are not that important.

When it comes to priorities, those have been the basics of food, shelter and the children’s education. Despite there being very little coming in to house, we have managed to find plenty of things to do that are free or very low cost.

Part of this financial situation has definitely been of our own making because we have been fighting banks, credit card and mortgage companies and have spent most of the last year caught up in that stuff, which is incredibly negative and draining. Interestingly, or perhaps not, the more we have fought these people, the angrier we have got and the more our income has dropped.

I suppose, I could add in a dose of “recession” and “nobody’s buying anything,” however I know of plenty of people who are still making good money online and offline – Well, at least they are claiming they are and their lifestyle does not seem to have changed very much!

We have had a very negative year as far as fighting stupid nonsense from the UK government over the proposed annual licensing, registration, monitoring and all round interference and fear-creation over home-education.

That has taken up a HUGE amount of time and has ended up being a totally futile exercise!

So, what’s the point to me telling you all of this?  No, it is not to whinge and moan.  I have finally come to realise what the pattern is with all this.

I have spent most of the year in ANGER and FIGHTING and I have been shouting NO at people and situations. Is it then any wonder that the Universe has got very confused when I have started a new opportunity or a new project and I have tried to create something positive from what has been essentially a very destructive and negative place.

How can the message get through for the Universe to deliver me lots of extra cash –  which is what I would really like – when I am saying “I am fed up with having NO money, I am fed up with saying “NO” when the kids ask for stuff or want to go out, I am fed up with mending old clothes, I am sick of doing stuff for free and nothing coming back to me from anywhere!”

Interestingly, or perhaps not, the people I have spent most time with this year have been in a similar place!

I began to realise the power of what I had been creating a few weeks ago, when my computer had just crashed for about the 10th time that day and I was due to do a radio show with my friend, Ken MacLean. When I finally got on the show, I was so worked up, that the energy that shot through cyber-space caused his computer browser to crash!!!! Ken is in the USA and I am in the UK!

What really brought this home to me was a post that I read from a fellow  UK home – educator, who said that she was getting very negative about all this fighting against things and shouting NO at the government and the Local Authorities.

She went on to say that she would feel a lot better if she had a list of things she was FIGHTING FOR or SUPPORTING.

I stopped in my tracks when I saw this.

I realised that she was absolutely right. It is much better to SAY YES to: Personal Liberty, Freedom to educate our children as we wish, the power to choose how much ( if any) contact we had with Local Education Authorities and the Government and so the list went on.

She had taken every one of the “FIGHT AGAINST List” and turned it into an empowered “YES to List.”

Nothing new here, you might say. It is an age-old thing that we have to focus on the things we desire and choose and not on the things we don’t want. Agreed. However it is much easier said than done!

For me that was a turning point.

Greg, my husband, and I then went through a list of all the things we were prepared to say YES to in our lives. It started with simple (and FREE) things such as YES to : – a daily dog walk, a daily mediation, a gorgeous Sunday lunch and we added into that all the things we would like to attract to us, including more money,  business ideas growing and flourishing, people buying our products and services, all bills easily being paid, new books, a holiday and so on.

It was amazing how much lighter we felt after we had done that. We also noticed how easy it was for “crap-stuff” about money to come creeping back in.

We then took this a stage further and looked at the list of jobs that needed doing for the next day and decided to say YES to them rather than No and then to actually DO them.

What followed was one of the most productive weekends we have had in a long time. Instead of groaning and making a fuss over writing unpleasant letters, I put them on my YES TO List and sat down and wrote them.

We now make a point at bedtime to discuss the day in terms of things we have said YES to, whether that is getting a bank charge removed, or doing something around the house that we have been putting off, or returning a phone call or an email. What has shifted here has been that Greg and I would ask each other to do something and we were both very prone to saying “yeah, I’ll do it” and then not doing it, which is a source of great frustration and nagging.

As we have started to focus on things that we can say “YES” to right now, even the simplest of things, the whole situation is starting to change. Help is coming to us, opportunities have arrived and we have made decsions from a place of saying “YES to” or essentially “WE CHOOSE” rather than “NO” and “WE FIGHT AGAINST.”

This was also reinforced by friends, who I had shunned, who have come back into my life with a lot of useful and constructive help and support.

One of those friends had allowed his life to turn around over the last few months from a place that was worse than ours to a much better place. He told me he started meditating on a daily basis and visualizing the completion of a long-cherished dream. As he experienced the sights, sounds, thoughts and feelings of this, things started to unfold, people and opportunities came into his life and the dream has started to become a reality.

As I started to practise this same technique, I realised I had allowed myself to wallow so much in negativity and “I can’t” that I had stopped dreaming and stopped asking and did not really know what I truly wanted any more and had come to expect the answer to my requests to be a resounding NO!

This was where the “YES TO” game then came in very useful to start to stimulate the allowing and acceptance into my life.

We also made some decisions in relation to all the bank stuff, which turned out to be a considerable release and completely the opposite of all the angry fighting I have been doing for months.

What Greg and I came to realise is that the single most important thing to us is our children and that our family stays together. The rest of it sort of falls into place around that. Lack of money is often one of the biggest factors that breaks up relationships and families.

Having survived this past year and the magical money-stretching-and-expansion that seems to have taken place, our family  is stronger than ever.

I would ask you now to think about what you can say YES TO in your life and start to do those things or allow them to come to you.

It has been very powerful for us.

With abundant blessings.

Amanda Goldston

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I am Amanda Sparkle and I am on a journey to Create My Dream Life by getting the inner and outer in alignment, so that life flows easily. I am happily married to Greg and have 2 daughters. We are UK based. I love walking and mountains, especially Switzerland. I grew up in North Devon, In the South West of England and I am a bit fan of clotted cream, chocolate and fudge.
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5 Responses to The Power of YES

  1. Kay says:

    What a thoughtful insight, Amanda, and it came at just the right time for me, talk about a coincidence!
    I have been feeling down, restrained and negative for a while, even though I intend to employ visualization, correct thinking etc.
    It IS hard when real-life situations get in the way, but you are so right. I was no-saying to things and situations, not yes-ing them.
    I shall start again, right now, and apply your take on my situation.
    Thanks again, and take care.

  2. Kim says:

    Thank you for your pure honesty, and taking the time to share yourselves with us. I relate. I, too, had a similar year. I’m a very positive person, and a peacemaker, yet many negative situations kept coming my way this year…over and over. One smaller event was the breakdown of my dryer, which is under warranty. I spent so much energy and time calling to have it repaired. Being a single mom of 6, and grandtwins living in the house, and living in a cold climate, being without a dryer for a week, was a terrible inconvenience. Yet it took 6 visits, with maintenance men putting in the wrong parts, and 2 1/2 months later, it was finally fixed. These situations come up over and over again for me, because I probably need to really address these issues for change to take place, but the energy and phone calls, and time spent to do that, I don’t have. I do put a lot of energy and stand up for causes, but I pick & choose which ones. I’d rather spend quality time with my family. So…..many things I let go of, and let God..
    I know, Amanda, you and your family will be abundantly blessed
    with so much good because of all the good you continue to give.
    Thank you.
    Love & Blessings
    Kim, Canada

  3. Buz McGuire says:

    Bless you, Amanda. This post is real and inspirational and would resonate with the vast majority of people who are suffering under the weight of the global economic meltdown. Thank you for your open, sharing, positive approach.


  4. Buz McGuire says:

    Also, just proudly shared this on twitter.


  5. admin says:

    Thank you everyone for your comments. I have found it is starting to have quite an effect for me.

    Most of my list conists of quite simple things at the moment, such as new printer cartridges and bills being paid for the month, yes somehow saying”YES to” seems to make things easier.

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