Thinking Slimmer – Shape Up 4 Summer with Slimpod and Fitpod

As a result of attending the Cybher conference a couple of weeks ago, I had another fabulous win, which I believe is going to make a huge difference to my health and my weight.

I won a Slimpod and a Fitpod audio relaxation programme from one of the sponsors, Thinking Slimmer.

These are a truly revolutionary way for weight loss because they are designed to help to reprogramme the mind, so that my body wants less food, naturally stops eating when it is full and helps with weight loss without dieting, by, quite literally THINKING SLIMMER.

The reviews have been fabulous with people reporting some remarkable success stories.

I was really delighted to have been selected, for a couple of reasons. Firstly I love audio relaxations; I create them and love to listen to them, especially ones that also include some element of personal development, so that I can be relaxing and working on myself at the same time!

The Slimpod I have is “Drop 2 Dress Sizes,” which, probably not surprisingly is their best-selling product. I have already started to notice some changes in the way I approach food. Yesterday, for example, my husband Greg cooked some of his yummy home-made pizza and I found I could not eat it all. Normally I would have made a space for it and finished it. This time, I left two slices with the thought that I would have it for lunch today.

When I went into the kitchen, it was staring at me and I thought I would finish it off, but then, almost in a flash, a little voice said “well, you are not really that hungry, leave it until tomorrow” – and I did! I walked out of the kitchen and went to bed.

One of my habits has been to reach for food when I get angry or upset with someone or something. Today, when that happened, I turned on my heel, marched out of the kitchen, went in my room and gave the door a really good, hard SLAM! But I did not eat!!! RESULT!

The Fitpod is called “Make Fitness Fun and Easy” which is designed to get you up and moving more.

The products are created using a Harley Street Hypnotherapist, who has a very soothing voice. You can hear all the words to all the messages, so there is nothing hidden or subliminal.

These products have come at just the right time for me because I have been stuck with my weight and inch loss since Christmas. Yes, I know that was 6 months ago! I am getting regular exercise, as I go to the gym 3 times a week and I have also been doing 2 x 45 minute bootcamp workouts over the last 7 weeks.

The problem I have is that I eat too much. Our portions tend to be quite large and we have been prone to eating quite quickly. I then tend to graze and pick all day. I eat a lot of fruit and that probably has not helped, as fruit has a lot of sugar in it. Although that is natural sugar, 8-10 pieces of fruit a day is probably not the best thing for me.

As I have started out, the part of me that is resistant to change seems to have fired up and I seem to have had a continuous stream of interruptions most times that I have tried to listen to the recordings. That is a sign I have seen before, so I now know to simply work through that and keep going.
Listening to the Slimpod and the Fitpod is a really lovely experience and Trevor Sylvester, the Hypnotherapist, is English and his voice is very easy on the ear.

I will keep you posted on my progress. It is going to be very interesting as I seem to be having a bit of a mid-life crisis at the moment and have a huge desire to be baking biscuits and cakes – using Clotted Cream!

Thank you THINKING SLIMMER. – looking forward to Shaping Up 4 Summer!

With abundant blessings.
Amanda Goldston

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I am Amanda Sparkle and I am on a journey to Create My Dream Life by getting the inner and outer in alignment, so that life flows easily. I am happily married to Greg and have 2 daughters. We are UK based. I love walking and mountains, especially Switzerland. I grew up in North Devon, In the South West of England and I am a bit fan of clotted cream, chocolate and fudge.
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