#topTVdads Competition

This is my competition entry for the Currys PCWorld #topTVdads

My Top TV Dads are all from the halls of the Comedy Giants. I thought of all the dads, a combination of which would border on the insane, the dangerous and the out and out miserable. My five are thus:Frank Spencer

  • Harold Steptoe
  • Alf Garnett
  • Frank Spencer
  • Norman Stanley Fletcher
  • Ben Harper

Harold Steptoe for Steptoe and Son didn’t want to be parted from his son. This is the dad with hooks, there is no escape. The question was who would die first!

Alf Garnet from Till Death do us Part, was a very opinionated father. He did have values and beliefs that may not be to everyone taste which he gleefully preached. His daughter, not surprisingly, grows up equally opinionated. Always good for an argument!

Frank Spencer from Some Mothers Do Have Them, as a father was very loving to his daughter and cared for her fondly. Unfortunately, situations always happened to him, and if his daughter manages to live through childhood, she would need to be indestructible.

Norman Stanley Fletcher from Porridge was the elusive father since he spent most of the time at her Majesty’s Pleasure. He could have been a good dad if he stopped getting nicked!

Ben Harper from My Family, is the father who wants everyone to leave so that he can get on with a bachelor lifestyle. His family knows how to annoy him though and just keep coming back.

These five Dads show how difficult it can be for a child to grow up sane and normal. In many ways these are the anti-dads. Unfortunately, most dads share a hint of all these characteristics. So children beware!


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