Walk1000miles Challenge Day 3

Fazeley Canals #walk1000miles

In Tamworth there is a little lake outside the Snowdome building, which extends towards the Retail Park. I have only ever previously noticed it when it has been flooded. Despite living in Tamworth for 12 years, I had never walked around it, so I decided I would do that today and then continue along the cycle path to Fazeley. There is a canal and a marina at Fazeley, so I decided to explore this area.

I was really surprised at the amount of wildlife around the lake. Many of the ducks and birds were really tame. As I walked along I saw a Swan family with some baby cygnets. When the parents saw me, they steered the little ones over to the bank, almost as if they were proudly showing me their lovely family.

I tried to apply some of Greg’s photography tips for taking pictures which were:
1) Look at things from a different perspective. Hold the camera horizontally, as well as vertically and see what different shots you can get when you look up at and down onto things.
2) Make sure that you have a comfortable stance when you take a photograph. Breathe deeply, so you are relaxed when you take a photo. I found that my photos are actually better when I am both looking at my subject, but also have my whole body pointing in the same direction, so I am not twisted.

I took some interesting photos yesterday where I had half the picture sharply in focus and half of it blurred. We have not figured out how I managed to do that!

I walked down to Fazeley and picked up the canal path, although it did not go where I thought it went. There are actually two canals in Fazeley and I did manage to get myself on the right one, going the right way back towards Tamworth.

It was a five mile route in total.

I am getting a new phone next week, so I shall be very glad to have one that has maps and GPS on it, as I am doing a lot of guesswork with routes at the moment.

I came home to a plateful of yummy, gorgeous, chocolate brownie that my daughter had made. I find it very hard to resist, so I have probably put back on all the calories I walked off during my walk. Hmm, I don’t think that is quite the idea behind the walking!

I am starting to feel calmer in myself. I feel less angry and more accepting of myself and my choices that have brought me to my current life situation. I am starting to feel more open to new ideas and less negative about previous working experiences.

I am taking deep breaths as I am walking along and trying to really swing my arms, not only to make sure the Garmin tracker properly registers the steps, but also to get more of my muscles moving in my body.

In total today, I walked 8.01 miles.

Have an awesome day.

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