#walk1000miles Challenge Day 4

Around Tamworth

I got on the scales this morning before I went out and nearly had kittens!

My weight has soared back up to 15st 7lbs (217 lbs/ 98kg), which considering that the lowest point I reached was 12st 12 lbs (180 lbs/ 81kg), that is quite a substantial weight gain. I know I have been stressed over a lot of things over the last year, but I had not realised things had got quite so out of hand.

So it looks as if walking really is going to play a big part in my life. I also need to really cut back on my eating, especially junk food and chocolate (groan!!). When I lost weight before, the things that made a big difference were:

1) writing down everything I eat
2) having smaller portions and eating slower
3) not eating late in the evenings
4) cutting out snacking

So, I need to take this in hand.

I worked out that, if I lost 7lbs (half a stone/ about 3kg) every month until the end of the year, that would be a weight reduction of about 3 stone (42lbs/ 19kg ) by the end of the year. That needs to be my goal, if I am planning on walking up mountains.

Today, I walked up the hill out of Tamworth, towards Rawlett School and turned towards Coton Green, with a view to walking down the hill to the Fox Pub and back in a circular route.

You can see Hopwas Woods in the distance, so I thibk I might go up there again tomorrow.

When I got to the bottom, there was a path that went through the houses, so I followed that and it actually cut off quite a lot of my route. I found myself walking under power lines and felt a bit disoriented with the buzzing of the power lines directly above me.

This is the area where the main rail tracks run through Tamworth and you can see Tamworth’s famous blocks of flats in the distance.

It ended up being a shorter walk today, as, surprisingly it was only about 4 miles in total.

I have found that my skin is rubbing under my arms and on my sides. I know this is one area where I have really gained weight, so I need to start to do some exercises for those muscles. I shall try some Chest Press type exercises and Upright Rowing type exercises to see if that helps.

I have managed to do a few extra steps with just moving around. Perhaps that is the perpetual “Tea and Pee” cycle, where I make a cup of tea, then need a pee, then repeat the cycle.

Today I walked 6.23 miles in total.

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