#walk1000miles Challenge Day 7

Saturday 20th June

Today was another sluggish day because I was not feeling at all well. I woke up full of the cold with a sore throat and actually slept until about 11am. I suppose I have released off a lot of stuff over the last few days and finally come to peace with the double glazing industry. I can finally look at my experiences of last year from a place a peace and gratitude, so that is a huge step forward.

I am actually now looking forward to going back to work and to starting to earn some money again. It has been a tough 6 months from a money point of view and my grand plan of winning the lottery and living a life of abundance, doing exactly what I want to do, did not quite come to fruition. My job will at least get us back in a place where we can do a lot of the things we want to do. I am starting to see positives and to look forward to the future with some optimism again.

Hopefully this might now start the winning streak again. I was quite disappointed with the results from June’s comping efforts, but then again, it was all a bit hit and miss as I was not very consistent with comp entries.

My body today felt very heavy and sluggish and it was a real effort to move anywhere.

We did go for a little walk around Pooley Nature Reserve and in total I walked 2.85 miles.

There were several cute duck families on the canal. One was on the water and came swimming rapidly over towards us when they saw us. I think we looked like ideal candidates for feeding them lots of bread, but unfortunately we did not have any.

Another duck family was on the canal bank and they were very keen to show us their best side for a photograph!

ducks at pooley copyright gregory goldston

From starting this challenges last Sunday, that has given me a total of 48.6 miles for the first week.

So, I am a bit ahead for the first week, however I need to keep that momentum going, to make sure that I stay over the 40 miles per week.

Have a great week.


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