Zorbing Day Out

Stephanie and Jacqueline were given a voucher for Zorbing, which is something they have both wanted to do for some time. It essentially consists of rolling down a hill in a large, inflatable ball – accompanied by much screaming!

We were going to go in April, but could not go because of snow, so we finally went last Tuesday, 5th June. It was a good job we went that day because that area of Wales has since suffered heavy rain and severe flooding.

We went to Planet-Zorb, which is located just outside of Bala, in the Snowdonia National Park. The scenery was spectacular and there were plenty of hills to roll down.

Dave, at Planet-Zorb was really helpful.

The voucher was a Groupon voucher and we were quite surprised at how much money Groupon had taken out of the face value of the voucher, so the girls only had one go in the Zorbing ball from the voucher. However, having travelled all that way, we paid for them to have a second go.

Click on the picture above of the Zorbing Ball to a look at the video of the girls coming down the slope in the Zorbing Ball. You can tell they were having fun – I think – from the huge amounts of screaming and laughing that was going on!

They ended up at the bottom of the hill, upside down with the entrance to the ball at the top!

Greg and I also got our exercise for the day as we walked up and down the path to the launch area.

We drove down to Bala and had our picnic lunch by the lake.

It was a fantastic day out and great fun to watch, although it is NOT something I would be willing to attempt. I will stick with the role of holding the bags!

For anyone interested Planet-Zorb is a really great place to go.

With abundant blessings.
Amanda Goldston

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