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5 Steps to Getting Your Dream Life

There is a very simple system to Getting Your Dream Life. Whilst each of these products can be purchased separately, they have been designed to work together as a step-by- step system.

1) CREATE YOUR IDEAL DAY- What do you want?

create your ideal day ebook


What it would really look like, sound like and feel like if you were living each day as an Ideal Day?

Ask yourself what activities would you be doing that bring you Joy, Fun, Passion, Laughter? And out of those activities, how can you allow financial abundance to flow into your life?

Design your Ideal Day from the moment you open your eyes in the morning to the time you go back to sleep. You can build in all the goals that you would like to attract, including houses, cars, dream job and your Ideal Relationship.

You can start to bring many of those wonderful feelings into your life right now, and it is a lot less stressful than goal setting!


VISUALIZE and EXPERIENCE your Success and desired Lifestyle from the INSIDE OUT

prepare yourself for success

Audio Relaxation

Imagine yourself as the successful person you have always dreamed of being, imagine yourself with the money, success, influential friends, vibrant health, passionate relationships, interesting hobbies and the time to enjoy it all.

Create and vividly experience in your mind your Ideal lifestyle. Step inside "Your Future You" and experience that Ideal Lifestyle from the Inside Out.

Prepare your Mind, Body and Spirit to fully experience the success that is your birthright.


DISCOVER how to harness the POWER of Your THOUGHTS and FEELINGS to ATTRACT what you desire

Once you decide what you would like to have in your life, you set in motion some very powerful forces, whereby you can easily attract - or repel - your DreamLife. There are some very simply things you can do and some very simple changes that you can make to your state of BEING, that means you become like a magnet to your DreamLife.



2) IDENTIFY and CLEAR LIMITING BELIEFS - What is STOPPING you from Creating Your DreamLife?

clear limiting beliefs audio relaxationClick for a Sample

Workbook and audio Relaxation

One of the biggest things that stops many people from enjoying a Life of Overflowing Abundance is Limiting Beliefs.

These might be about your worthiness to receive, beliefs about money or success or rich people or just what is possible for you in your life, in any area of your life.

If you have a belief that things always go wrong for you or something like "Who am I to try something like that?" then old programming and beliefs may be holding you back or stopping you from taking the actions you know you need to take.

Sometimes just a simple awareness is all you need to Clear Limiting Beliefs. Most can be cleared quickly and easily.

More information


generational clearing

Ebook and Audio Relaxation

Many people grew up hearing phrases such as "Money doesn't grow on trees", "People like us don't live in houses/drive cars/do things like that", "Don't get ideas above your station," and so on.

It may be that some of this is shaping your decisions and your results as an adult today.

It is interesting to see how many of the same patterns of poor health, dysfunctional relationships and lack of financial abundance pass from one generation to another

Clearing Generational Limiting Beliefs is easy to do and does not require any input from any other family member.

More information


Clear Residual Blocks from the Past, Get GUIDANCE and WISDOM from Your Future Self with Changing Lives Coaching.

changing lives coaching programme

Click on the link below to hear me explaining the Changing Lives Coaching Process to UK radio presenter, Neil Long.

Workbook, audio version of Workbook, Powerful Questionnaire and 2 relaxation audios

Changing Lives Coaching Programme on Audio

The good news is that Limiting Beliefs can be identified and cleared very quickly. That is my specialty.

We can identify and clear ONE major block to money or success in about 2 hours. Once we get to a major limiting belief, dozens of smaller ones seem to dissolve away by themselves. I have used this powerful process with my personal clients to achieve some amazing results.

You can read about the power of the Changing Lives Coaching process on the testimonials page.

This life changing programme is now available as audios downloads, so you can work with it in your own time.

More information



3) The Power of Acceptance


Ebook and audio Relaxation

Sometimes there are situations and people in your life that you just cannot change. Maybe you have done everything you can think of to create a change or you have been resisting a change and all it has done is cause you great stress. Then the process of Acceptance may be a refreshing change for you.

It helps you to come to a place of peace with a situation or a person (or yourself) and accept it exactly as it is, without trying to change it.

Once you are willing to release and let go of trying to control something or someone, you can find peace in yourself. You can hand the situation over to the Universe to be dealt with and in doing so, create a space for inspired ideas to come to you, if that is appropriate, or to let go and move on.

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One of the most crucial steps in creating your Dream Life is to truly let go of old resentments, grudges, bitterness, anger and other emotions that don't serve. You can't change what has happened. When you carry around pain from the past, either directed at yourself or other people, it is very difficult to manifest your DreamLife because those are very low emotions and manifesting positive things in your life really only occurs when you are in a higher energy place.

The other person probably is not even aware that you are still holding onto to the pain pf past hurt, as they have probably long forgotten what happened.

Forgiveness is crucial to your own well-being.

Audio Relaxation


4) Your State of BEING

This is probably the most important part of Getting Your DreamLIfe. BEING is who you are at your core and who you are in this moment. Our natural state of BEING is Joy, Love, Peace, Happiness, Abundance and Well-Being.

Many people have forgotten how to live from that place, due to learned beliefs and life experiences. That natural state of BEING is waiting for you to remember how to BE that way. It is a very high energy, high vibration place to live from. It also makes manifesting your DreamLife a huge amount easier and in some cases, almost instantaneous.

Your state of BEING as an overall and in any given moment determines how well your life is flowing and how much in Abundance your are living.

2 x Ebooks and Audio Relaxation


Clearing UNWORTHINESS and Allowing yourself to RECEIVE

Unworthiness - a feeling of not good enough, of somehow not being worthy or deserving of receiving the abundance of life or a feeling that everyone else is more important than you are and their needs are more important than yours. It may also be that you allow yourself to receive a certain amount, but there is then a limit, after which point you might start justifying why you don't really need all the things you desire.

This has been quite a difficult blockage to remove because it hides under layers of other beliefs and no-one really wants to admit that they might be working, striving and struggling to achieve their goals, whilst at the same time not really believing that they can have the abundance they desire. Unworthiness permeates through our entire culture from the school system to religious organizations to the political system.

The good news is that as the Earths vibration rises, so Unworthiness is coming to the surface to be inspected and cleared. It is the biggest lie of them all and it cannot survive in a high vibration energy field or state of BEING.


5) Resources - Creativity and Intuition

Creative Problem Solver

creatvie problem solver

Workbook and Audio Relaxation

Creativity is a hugely powerful skill to have in life and business. You can tap into a continuous flow of powerful ideas by using both pen and paper exercises and powerful relaxation techniques.

Combine the power of the logic of your left brain with the creativity of your right brain, so that you know exactly what your next steps need to be.

You can even run through a mental rehearsal of the Ideal Outcome or explore potential outcomes - before you take any action.

More information

Develop Your Intuition

develop intuition


Intuition is defined as having access to information that is outside the normal 5 senses. It is a very valuable skill to have in life and business.

It is a knowing, a gut feeling, a hunch, an instinctive reaction or inner guidance that something is either totally right for you or should be avoided like the plague.

It is an ability to read people and situations and know immediately what the correct actions are for you.

It is easy to develop these skills and to recognise when your Intuition is trying to warn you or trying to encourage you.

More information

Attract Your Ideal Client

When you define exactly who your customers are or the clients you would like to work with, it is much easier for the Universe to bring those people to you or to create situations for you where you can meet them.

Combine the power of a workbook and an audio relaxation to attract those Ideal People to you in your business and in your life.

More information

Power Focus Before an Important Meeting

When you have an important meeting, it is very important that you can focus totally on it and on the outcome that you want to achieve. This short relaxation guides you to putting your worries to one side to focus totally on your desired outcome.

Free Meditation

Quick Fix Meditation

Sometimes someone or something upsets the flow of your day and knocks out of your happy place. This short relaxation helps you to re-balance yourself and get yourself back in a positive place in a matter of minutes.

Free Meditation



"Amanda Goldston has a true gift which she shares with the world. The majority of new research makes much of the power of belief and as such one can surmise that limiting beliefs hold us back as people and interfere with our perceptions of our reality and, more importantly, perceptions of what we can achieve.

If you want to discover what you are truly made of, what you can truly achieve and how to make your dreams come true, Amanda Goldston is the woman to call."

Martin Drury. BBC approved freelance journalist for UK/US media


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