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Could Limiting Beliefs about money be stopping you from allowing Financial Abundance to flow into your life from your Business?

Wealth brings changes, not only a huge financial freedom, but also potentially a new set of responsibilities and worries, such as:

  • How to all handle all this money
  • Handle the tax man
  • Jealousy of family and friends
  • Will you still be loved and accepted by your nearest and dearest and your current peer group?
  • Expectations from friends and family to give to them, provide for them and take care of them.
  • Fear of losing it all and ending up like many lottery winners, who have lost all their money and more within a couple of years or winning it.
  • Hangers on. There is a big difference between supporting charitable causes and having “friends for your money”, when you suddenly become the most popular person in the world and are expected to pay for all the drinks in the pub and buy all the meals in the most expensive restaurants.
  • Overspending- extravagant spending on the basis that the money flow will always be there. This is also a very quick way to attract the attention of the taxman.
  • Underspending. A surprising opposite, which can come about when you hoard your money and do not give away or spend enough to keep the flow going. It is also important to watch your choice of language here. Never “Save for a rainy day” because you will create lots of “rainy days” in your future. Instead plan and “Save for joyous, happy days”
  • Lack of knowledge or experience in handling money
  • New car being scratched by jealous people
  • Potential a target for robberies

Financial freedom can bring tremendous benefits such as travel, freedom from money worries, education for your children, a family legacy, nice clothes, and lots of other wonderful goodies.

However for many of us, there can be some very deep help beliefs about money, success, prosperity and our rights (or not) to have and enjoy these things.

These deep help beliefs can flare up at the most unexpected moments, and cause us to sabotage our business or money making efforts. Much of this happens unconsciously and we can also find ourselves hit with unexpected big bills, which wipe out any financial gains we have made and leave us back pretty much where we started or slightly worse off.

This sounds a very bizarre thing to be happening, as most of us have dreams of financial freedom and could not imagine why we would sabotage those dreams. Many of us have become unconscious “money repellers” and are not the “money magnets” we would like to be.

Many of these beliefs were installed in us as children, and can still run our lives today unless we become aware of them, and consciously change them. A belief is simply a thought that we hold as truth, whether it is or not, and often a simple awareness is enough to change them.

Some of the beliefs many of us carry around are listed below. Listen to your own self talk about money or catch what you say to others in conversations about money, and you will probably become aware of the beliefs that you personally may have.

If our current actions in relation to creating financial freedom conflict with our deeply held beliefs, then the latter will win every time unless changed.


Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Money is hard to come by
  • There isn’t enough
  • You have to work hard for your money
  • Money doesn’t come easily
  • You can’[t have time and money
  • We have always scrimped and saved for everything we have
  • Money is/ isn’t……
  • Rich people are…. Mean, nasty, tight fisted, crooks
  • Money doesn’t buy happiness
  • Money isn’t spiritual
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees
  • I am from a poor, working class background
  • I don’t deserve
  • Money always seems to slip through my fingers
  • I am not worthy
  • Fear of success and greatness
  • Fear of loss
  • You have to rip people off to have money
  • Who did they rob to get that nice car/ house etc- jealousy
  • I can’t because… too old/young/short/fat/colour/education/background/ religion etc….
  • I am unlucky
  • The higher you go, the harder you fall
  • Things always go wrong for me
  • I always get into things just as they are finishing and I lose my money

As a couple of examples, if you have a belief that Rich people are all mean, nasty, tight-fisted crooks, who make their money by ripping people off, how are you going to allow yourself to become a rich person?

There is a lot of the negativity around money. Could it stem from a real fear that our business endeavours really could work and we will all become financially independent and then what?????-

Could it be the fear of coping with the success and fear of loss the bigger our business empire gets, so sabotage it now while it is relatively small?

From the realms of psychology, there is a branch called “self image psychology”, which offers the idea that we all have an internal picture of ourselves as a man, a woman, a wife, a husband, a friend, a business person, a brother or sister etc, and this also governs how we feel about ourselves in relation to our job, our income and all aspects of our lives.

Psychologists reckon most of this fairly fixed by the time we are about 9 years old, and most of our behaviour after that simply follows the same patterns.

There seems to be a desire to keep a certain equilibrium of what we feel we are worth, particularly in terms of income and people seem to rarely earn much more than + or – 10% of the income figure they feel they are worth.

If they earn more, it slips though fingers and they get back to usual state. Wealth really is a mindset. Great wealth starts with your thoughts and beliefs.

Your business (es)_could be generating you real wealth. Are you ready in your mind to accept the changes that it will bring to your life. That is where great wealth starts. You have to have a wealthy mindset, then take some good advice on sound money management.

Some ideas to identify and clear any unhelpful beliefs

  • Listen to self talk, especially around money and success
  • Listen to your contributions to conversations
  • F’only and F’ida club- If only I’d done this or that….
  • Catch the clichés- who else says them around you
  • Watch your thoughts, watch what you buy into in way of negative thoughts and talk
  • What did you hear, see, experience around money as a child- any memories spring to mind?
  • Complete the sentences, Money is….., Money isn’t…….. Rich People are………… and see what comes up for you
  • You can choose your thoughts- a belief is nothing more than a thought that you have raised to the status of a truth
  • Question them- where did it come from?, why do I believe that? Does it serve me now? is it a truth? Could I prove it in a court of law? How does that thought make me feel? What is one stress free reason to keep that thought? What is the opposite? How does that make me feel? Which do I choose?
  • Start to act as if that new thought is your reality and it will become so.
    1. Define Success for you- is it really all about money?
    2. Design your Ideal Day- what is really important to you? Does that require money? Most of it won’t – start introducing those things into your life
    3. Examine your beliefs if you choose to
    4. Decide on what thoughts and beliefs about yourself, money, success etc you would need to have to be successful and start to reinforce them with your thoughts, words and actions
    5. Is your business an obsession for you? Is the be all and end all of financial freedom- maybe, maybe not? – sometimes the more we obsess and hold on, the more we seem to be pushing against an invisible barrier- let go of the importance of it.

I hope some of these ideas are of use to you. Please feel free to use any that resonate with you. If none do, then please remember they represent one person’s opinion and lovingly release them back to the Universe


With abundant blessings

Amanda Goldston

©Amanda Goldston 2005 All Rights Reserved



Amanda Goldston
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